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A new cafe alert!!

Last week I got the chance to check this newly opened place by the name Pablo De Cafe. This quaint cafe seems small but is big on taste, seriously!!!

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The outdoor sitting area is not spacious but the grab and go concept goes well with this place. I could see many people were coming and going during my visit there, that shows people’s interest in this newly minimalistic place.

To my surprise the menu had many options like from breakfast, Chinese, Sandwiches, Shawarma etc though they haven’t started serving Chinese food yet.

We ordered 

  • Shawarma Platter
  • Royal Burger
  • Zinger Burger
  • Quesadilla
  • Ceaser Salad
  • Fresh Juice

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Shawarma Platter came with a long shawarma resting on a wooden platter served with fries. The filling was generous inside the shawarma and our server brought it by slicing the whole shawarma into pieces which made it so feasible to eat without any mess. No doubt the taste was superb.

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Royal Burger a beef burger, I ordered it for my husband as he is a meat lover and I took a bite out of it just to check and I must admit there was no smell in the beef and I ate the half of it shamelessly from my partner’s plate 🙂

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Zinger burger was another a good option for burger lovers specially chicken lovers. It was not too big like KFC’s but crispy fried chicken patty topped with a slice of cheese was unavoidable among the other items and got finished in no time.

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Quesadilla we tried on our servers suggestion. It was filled with chicken, cheese and veggies loaded with stuffing. The whole serving is enough for a hungry person.

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Last but not the least ceaser salad although it should have served first thing on our table but it came in the last. By the time I was almost full and the presentation didn’t impress me to try.  The salad presentation and taste definitely needs improvement.

The overall experience was good and I would definitely recommend this place to try if you are around the trade center area.


Al Attar Building, 10 B Street, Off Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre Area, Dubai

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