So, last week on Friday at lunch time I visited this uber cafe located in Karama Downtown Cafe. I have been here long time before when it was open but the event was not at all well organised but this time am glad it was a personal invite, so was able to peacefully enjoy it.

Downtown Cafe has an interesting menu catering international cuisine. From pasta to mouthwatering pizza, sizzlers to steaks in short everything a cafe should offer. This place has a good seating area with hanging lights decor and a book shelf at the corner from where you can entertain yourself while waiting for the order.

What we tried there?

  • Crunchy Cocktail Shrimps
  • Garlic Bread
  • DT Grilled Chicken Salad
  • DT Flakes and Flames Pasta
  • Chicken Lasagna
  • Chicken Pizza
  • Chicken Sizzler
  • Avocado Cheesecake


We started our culinary journey with crunchy shrimps, if you like P.F changs shrimps then its a must try but the only difference you will feel here its crunchiness. Every small bite was spot on crunchy.


Garlic Bread was not the normal one it was a bit spicy with green chilli pieces and let me tell you each bite was a treat to our taste-buds.


Sliders is also a good option for those who wana try bite size burgers. They were not dry like usual sliders


Our server suggested us DT grilled chicken salad over ceaser salad and we didn’t regret it at all.  Loaded with goodness of fresh veggies and chicken pieces.


For pasta lovers I would recommend DT flakes and flame. Its a spicy version made with both white and red sauce. Creamy and saucy in each bite.


Chicken Lasagna usually feel heavy whenever I like to eat out but here it was not the case. It was not heavy, balance layer of meat and cheese made it a good choice to try.

Pizza here is a thin crust, though am not a big fan of thin crust still I opted to try it. Taste was good but I wish it was more loaded with the stuffing and sauce.


Chicken Sizzler came on our table and my husband seemed to enjoy it. Served along with creamy mashed potatoes, steamed veggies topped with sizzler sauce. It was a complete meal and if I hadn’t had to try other things I would have solely enjoy it.


In desserts there are good options in the menu but we were totally full be then and asked for just 1 small serving of server choice. She brought an avocado cheesecake on our table. I have tried many different cheesecakes in Dubai but trying avocado was my first experience. It had a base of lotus biscuits base which was a complete complement with the avocado taste.


We ended our experience on a hot cup of Karak Tea and happily made our way to home with content heart. Thank you Downtown Cafe for having us!


Ground Floor, Umm Hurair Building, Beside General Post Office, Al Karama, Dubai

Phone number

04 8525957

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