Intense orrisf

There are many brand of perfumes in the market specially in the middle east market where using perfumes and fragrances are not just limited to the special occasions or getting ready sessions. Its more like a lifestyle, fragrant houses with diffusers, before the prayers and yes everyday use.

Being in a Muslim country and a Muslim I always make sure to use non-alcoholic perfumes as its prohibited to use alcoholic infused fragrances. Its a big search and I just came to know about this brand who is proud to sell Non-Alcoholic yet long lasting perfumes.With their non-alcoholic (no ethanol) range of perfumes, it
employs transparent, spray-able and a high dosage of new compounds to enhance the
user-experience by providing a wide range of lasting fragrances.

Information I got from them is listed below: Soon after using it I will share my own experience about these perfumes 🙂

The unique olfactory signature will leave you asking for more and will then satisfy that
with a wide range of differing experiences. What make these fragrances special are the
formulations that are chemically sound and safe for the environment. The newly
introduced ‘MY’ range includes some of the most spell-binding fragrances aptly named
Fleur, Powdery, Rustic Oud, Compassionate Sandal, Hot Vanilla and Intense Orris. They
are rich in texture and their silkiness embraces your skin smoothly, leaving it refreshed.
Starting with Fleur, its swaying sweet aroma is tempered with authentic floral spices
and woody essences to set a perfect harmony with a musky tinge. Powdery woos you
with its refreshing version of vanilla infused with exquisite and appealing aroma.
Casting the heroic impression, Rustic Oud combines the traditional royal oud with
modernity only to deliver the enigmatic allure. Rich in natural elements, the scent-clad
sandal is composed to retain its fragrance for decades to come. The leathery finish to the
woody piece, canvases the avant-garde portrait of regal Compassionate Sandal. The
warmth of vanilla cocoons elegance in the most adorable manner to bake a sizzling
chemistry between vanilla and trendy aromas to craft Hot Vanilla. The intensity of the
scent in Intense Orris is deep enough to emanate freshness that paves the way for
coolness of sandalwood and its timeless fragrance.
The range starts from AED 670 and comes in 100 ML packaging. All these fragrances
and more are available at their very premium and exclusive showroom at Gold
Souq, Diera.
Made in Dubai, these perfumes strike the perfect chord with your taste for elegance.
‘My’ is for ‘You’, the unique You.

Disclaimer: I received all the above info as their PR. Soon will share my personal experience by using it on my blog