Dubai is all about posh mall, luxurious restaurants and fun instilling activities. Being a Dubai human visiting desert or Desert Safari is run-of-the-mil activity but last week I got to try a notch up experience which is totally worth experiencing.

Explorer Tours UAE has got some exciting tours to do indelible activities for visitors and residents of UAE. We opted for their Dinner In the Desert service

We departed early afternoon on a leisurely drive into the desert followed by a stop over at a camel-breeding farm. Spent some time there in an unspoiled natural landscape and witness the beautiful sunset views and couldn’t help but to take lots of pictures.

After that we made our way to the secluded area amidst of huge desert where our private setup was waiting for us lit under the starry sky. You have the option of sand-boarding activity there while you wait for the host prepare your food.

We started our culinary experience with welcome date drinks, dates and chips for munching. After that we were served hot qahwa. While waiting for our food we were lost in the beauty and calmness of the surrounding that we totally forget how time flew and the host served us hot traditional Arabic BBQ on our table with salads and condiments.

After feeding ourselves well, we sat by the campfire and enjoyed freshly made hot cuppa while chatting and enjoying the cool breeze under the sky.

Our host Ali and lateef were great. They made us feel special and all the process went smoothly. We didn’t want to leave the place and made our mind then and there that definitely we are going to come back for over night camping experience next time.

Thank you Explorer Tours UAE for such a fab and different experience in the hustle bustle of city life.

To all my followers I would definitely recommend this if you are looking for a romantic and something out of the box experience.

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Package Includes:
  • To and fro transport will be provided by us in a luxury 4 x 4 vehicle
  • Dune Bashing
  • Camel Farm Visit
  • Sand Boarding
  • Private BBQ dinner
  • Soft drinks and water
Duration:8 Hours
Transport: To and fro transport will be provided by us in a luxury 4 X 4 Vehicle
No. of People: Minimum of 2 and maximum of 6 people per car
Location: Fossil Rock
2 people: 1600($436) – AED800($218) per person 
3 people: 1800($490) – AED600($163) per person 
4 people: 2000($545) – AED500($137) per person 
5 people: 2200($599) – AED440($120) per person 
6 people: 2400($653) – AED400($109) per person