Ayam Elezz is a famous restaurants among Lebanese food lovers. Tucked away in the mall Jumeirah, its a place that take you to the old era of Lebanese without leaving Dubai. From interiors to decor, ambiance and food all flows the authenticity of Lebanon.

I have been there before long time back and now thought to try out their new menu comprises of sandwiches, wraps, new chicken dishes and classic hot and cold mezze

What we tried there?

  • Batata Hara
  • Kebbe Sajeyeh
  • Shish Taouk Sandwich
  • Mixed Grill Plate
  • Boneless Grilled Chicken
  • Karak Tea
Batata Hara
Kebbe Sajeyeh


In starters we had batata hara crispy small cubes of potatoes that you can relish even with lusiouc creamy hummus. Being a potato buff it was a yummy start for me. Kebbe Sajeyeh another hot mezze which my husband seemed to enjoy.

Shish Tawok Wrap

Shish Taouk Sandwich came with fries and some dips. Unlike any shawarma the bread was crispy and filled with generous amout of shish taouk, fries, jalapenos and in house special sauce.

mixed platter

Mixed platter let you try all kind of BBQ variety so we opted to try ayam elezz special mixed platter, it took about 30 to 35 mins to serve on our table but it was worth the wait. Succlent pieces of kababs, chicken and arayas (bread filled with mince meat) made our hungry tummy satisfied.

Boneless Grilled CHicken

Grilled chicken was my favorite and it was finished in no time from our table. It was soft and well marinated. I removed the chicken skin and relish it with garlic paste (thoum).



We ended our session on Karak Tea and we couldn’t ask for the better ending. We sipped and spent some more time observing the vintage yet quirky surroundings. I could see the people were enjoying sheesha in the designated smoking area and having a good time with family and friends.

Our Drink Passion Fruit and Rain Forest

For sumptuous wraps, delicious hot and cold mezze and some appetizing grills try out Ayam Elezz and transport your senses to authentic Lebanese refinement.


The Mall, Jumeirah Road, Umm Suqeim, Dubai

Phone number

04 4376069