Hot cross buns, one a penny two a penny hot cross buns!


I am sure you all know this classic poem and recently I discovered an amazing place that reminds me of this classic rhythm. That place not only the name but the concept itself amazed you its creativity and uniqueness.


This place is easily located in Jumeriah 3, google is your friend 😉 You instantly like the interiors upon entering, funky wall art and color scheme are aptly in flow with the food concept here.


You can’t get bored here, if you finish reading the wall signs there are board games for your entertainment. I really like that they haven’t gone overboard with the wall accents and decor pieces. So even being a small place you feel the comfort of spaciousness while eating there.

Lets talk about the concept. I have seen many types of buns even filled ones but the chef Arpita who is also owner of this quirky joint translate her creativity in delish buns and thought to present all the flavors in such distinctive way and notched up the buns game totally.

In menu not only normal chicken, veg filling but even biryani is enclosed in buns. Who could have thought of it but here they have it. In menu Mexican flavors, Arabic and Indian flavors are available with assorted dips.

What I tried there?

  • Sheesh Tawook
  • Honey Cheese Oman
  • Chicken Tikka
  • Talk to me
  • Mushroom Dancer
  • Banana Crunch
  • Dream Come True
  • Freaky Fries

IMG_7238IMG_7237 copyIMG_7236IMG_7234IMG_7233

Sheesh Tawook as name suggest an Arabic flavors filled with sheesh tawook, tomato sauce, cheese and some pickle. If you are acquainted with Arabic flavors you would definitely enjoy it. Second one was The Tik Tak, all time classic chicken tikka flavor and I think anyone would love to try it. Mushroom dancer interesting name again make you dance on the busting Italian flavor of tomato sauce, mushrooms, jalapenos and cheese, topped with pesto sauce. Talk to me is again an Italian flavor but with the interesting addition of popeye’s favorite spinach but I bet if you don’t like to eat it you won’t mind eating it in this bun. Honey cheese oman is for those who likes sweet and spice, filling in it is a mixture of honey cream cheese and oman chips, hmm I didn’t like it that much.


Freaky fries were disappointing for me in every way. They were not crispy, every other topping was fine for me except the ranch sauce. It was too sour for my liking, I wish it was served as a side rather topped on the fries.


After savory we moved to the sweet buns to satisfy our sweet tooth. Banana Crunch a delectable option filled with fresh banana tossed in caramelized sauce stuffed in buns and served along with icecream and fried bananas. I tell you I never like the concept of fried banana but this dessert was so good that my friend and I finished it in no time. Usually desserts with banana you expect sugar rush but thankfully its not the case here in That Place rather it had balanced sweet which was one of the reasons I thoroughly enjoyed it.

IMG_7250 copy

Last but not the least was Dream Come True, one of the pretty desserts here that comes in colorful pastry cream topped with mini macrons and filled with nutella, if I have to select one from the both desserts my choice would be Banana Crunch.

Why to visit this place? Its unique, good options of flavors and def grammable. The buns are available in two sizes single and double, customize-able with your choice of filling and served with a topping and sauce on top. Do check this place out!!


Near the Dubai Canal, Jumeirah Street, Jumeirah 3, Dubai

Phone number

04 4551618

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