There are many makeup brands in the market and sometimes it become overwhelming to decide what to buy or what not, specially when you are bound to shop within the budget. If you are a makeup enthusiast like me then buying an affordable products without compromising on the quality is a struggle, you know what I mean, right? Well recently I have been introduced to a brand by the name Chrixtina Rocca.

About The Brand

Chrixtina Rocca is a new cosmetic brand available in the market. The motto of the brand is to avail the best quality cosmetics at the most affordable prices. Its competitive quality and prices are taking it to the first row of cosmetic stands in most stores

Apart from cosmetics, the brand has extended its products to lifestyle products including, beauty, accessories, beauty tools, vanity bags, handbags and more.

The products I tried from this brand

  • Silky Eyeshadows Palette Nude02
  • Black Dipliner
  • Eyebrow Filling Powder & Pencil



Silky Eye shadows Palette

This sleek eye shadows palette contains 12 pretty shades, apt for nudes to everyday kinda looks. The packaging is chic and attractive. Its light weight and sleek look, makes it to my list of travel friendly makeup items.

Some shades like dark ones are pigmented enough to swipe once on your eye lids but the lighter colors need two to three swatches for a reasonable pigmented lids. Eye primer is required for a buildable and lasting stay shades. Light shades for lids, mid-tone shade for transition and darker shades for sockets, all are available in this compact yet all round palette.

I would recommend this palette who are beginners or don’t want to splurge into an expensive high end makeup kit for everyday or party use.

Price: AED 49/-


Black Dipliner

I am a liner buff, if I have to pick one item which I can’t live without it would be Black Liner. For the same reason, I have tried many brands and can easily detect good quality liner among many options. Without any hesitation I can say this black dipliner is long lasting and glides effortlessly.

The packaging is simple yet elegant. The black color signifies its darker pigment which is truly appreciable.

Eyebrow Filling Powder & Pencil

Eyebrow filling powder and pencil is readily available in three different brown shades, that gives subtle rather intense sharp look.

Eyebrow pencil can be used by drawing small, light stokes along the brow contour. Brush is attached with the pencil to groom hair upward and outward to blend in color and set brows then use filling powder to fill any gaps in between the eyebrow hair. The applicator brush is soft and let you do the work breezily.

Chrixtina Rocca’s tag line Beautiful You explains the brand motto that every face created by the nature is already beautiful and you can enhance your features with the right kind of makeup. This brand is easily available in all Xpressions Style outlets & Carrefour.

Do check out this good and affordable range of makeup by Chrixtina Rocca and feel beautiful 🙂

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