One of the best outdoor experience in Dubai where you can enjoy thrilling activities off the ground and between the tress. The main aim  is to offer fitness in fun interactive way. Be prepared to get mucky!

I was slobbering just by seeing all the activities there and pleasant weather helped us in every way to have a notch up experience. You are not bound to try all the drills, with plenty of choices according to your age. You can experience drills from beginners level to extreme. The park let you enjoy the experience even in the late evening with the helps of artificial lights. I would actually count this as a good workout session because I was totally worn out at the end, with sore hands to feet. 

Being a Dubai human it was great to see one of a kind tree surfing, exciting zip line and adventurous rope climbing setup in natural Ghaf trees forest in the heart of Dubai, where you can explore some enthralling experience apt for family and friends. This kids friendly place also let them to play, connect and discover with ease. For safety the aventura park has invested in the highest technology for safety equipment and incorporated the new CliC-iT carabiners into the Personal Protection Equipment provided to participants. The new dual “smart” carabiners system makes it impossible to ever be unhooked from the safety line until participants are safely on the ground.

With over 85 challenges across 5 different levels, according to the ages let you discover your potential and stamina in real time.  Conquer the longest series of thrilling tree-top zip-lines in the region, and leap across the great 25-meter tarzan jump ! Reconnect with nature while having fun in Dubai’s great Ghaf forest!

Some Tips before going out here:

  • Try to wear full sleeves shirt and avoid wearing shorts, so that you won’t face any stretch marks
  • Keeping gloves with you its not a bad idea, will help you in climbing without any bruise
  • Eat carbs and drink water before coming to this place so that you have energy and body hydrated
  • If you have Acrophobia (height phobia) then try the beginners level only

For more details about the activities: http://www.aventuraparks.com/adventures/adventure-circuits/#section-1.


  • Book: make your reservation to secure your slot
  • Arrive: 20 minutes before the timeslot
  • Ticketing: register, and head to the Green carpet to get fitted with your Harness and PPE
  • Briefing: on your timeslot, our coaches will train you for 30 mins, guiding you through the use of the PPE
  • PLAYTIME: spend 2.5 hours exploring any of the circuits that your colored wristband allows: GREEN-Rangers, BLUE-Rangers and Explorador, RED-Rangers, Explorador, Aventura, Thriller, BLACK-Explorador, Aventura, Thriller, Extreme
  • Hang-out: in our Aventura Café to have a meal, snack, coffee and enjoy nature

For Tickets:



Mushrif Park
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Sun – Wed / 9:30 – 18:00
Thu – Sat / 9:00 – 21:00


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