VR Park Entrance 3


Are you Hi-Tec buff? Video Games, Action and Fiction fascinates you? Then get ready to walk into the world of VR and experience like no other. VR park is a new venture of Emaar Entertainment a subsidery of Emaar Properties.

On media preview I got the privilege to experience this augmented reality park where the main purpose is to believe the unreal into real. Launched in March 2018, the attraction is designed to ‘Challenge Reality’ through mind-blowing experiences, blurring the lines between perception and reality through unforgettable and mind-blowing experiences, spanning wholly immersive rides, interactive games and educational journeys.

VR Park Interior 1

Spanning on two story this place VR Park offers attractions to suit all ages and interests, including adrenaline, horror, tranquility and more. The whole place with blue electrifying entrance to the dim lights inside differentiate it from any other game areas, with loud noise and freaking sharp lights that sometimes gives you migraine.

Good news is the entry is free so at least anyone can enter and gauge the fun before hitting the seat in real. Rides are priced as low as AED 15 and after all the enthralling ride you can sit back and relish some delectable treat from the PVRK Café.

Giving below are the names and brief about rides you can find there

Action | Ages 7+
You are a giant cybernetic Ape trying to escape a controlling creator who wants to hold you captive. Battle bots to fight for your freedom atop a skyscraper towering high above the city.

Combining the real-world with photo-realistic digital characters, touch the untouchable in this incredible Augmented Reality experience.

Burj Drop
Family | Minimum height 110cm with guardian, 120cm alone
Ever imagined life as a Burj Khalifa window-washer? Hanging from the side of the world’s tallest building, the cables start breaking one-by-one – will you be saved in time?

Cinema | Ages 7+
Exploring 6-degrees of freedom, explore supreme, detailed scenes of a VR world and come face-to-face with the virtual characters.

Dubai Drone
Family | Minimum height 110cm
It’s 2050 and the Dubai population uses drone taxis and the transport of choice. Whilst travelling around town in a drone, there’s a blimp in your sky-high adventure – hold on tight!

Dune Bash
Family | Minimum height 110cm
Climb aboard a futuristic Jeep and embark on a hair-raising journey through the desert, but watch out for camel spiders, scorpions, snakes and other nasties along the way.

Geminose: The VR Carousel
Children | Ages 3+
There are no limits to the imagination of a child! Watch as they discover the beautiful landscapes of a fantasy land and interact with the music loving Geminose.

John Wick Chronicles
Action | Ages 12+
Grab hold of your MP5 and transform into iconic hitman, John Wick. Explore the city and find out if you’re up to the challenge of assassinating seemingly impossible targets.
The Walking Dead VR Outbreak
Horror | Ages 12+
Picture life in the weeks and months in a post-apocalyptic earth, the threat of zombie attack is real. Do you dare to discover what’s on the other side of the hospital door?

PAYDAY: The VR Heist
Action | Ages 16+ | Multi-player
Don the masks of the original PAYDAY crew – Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains – as they descend on Washington DC for an epic crime spree.

Family | Minimum height 140cm
Skydive without ever leaving the ground! Feel the thrill and exhilaration of jumping from a plane and take in the sights of Dubai from high above – it’s almost as good as the real thing!

Family | Multi-player
Not for the faint-hearted, move vertically through time and space, through the jungle and under the sea in a thrill-seeking elevator-style virtual adventure.

Family | Ages 7+
Man your own spaceship and navigate a world full of aliens and space stations, in an out-of-this-world challenge.

VR Sports
The ultimate sports enthusiasts can test their competitive side in virtual games of tennis, footballs, golf, hockey, boxing and more!

The Mummy Prodigum Strike
Cinema action | Ages 12+
Take to the skies in pursuit of The Mummy before she completes her final form and fully realises her powers. Can you save the world – and your own eternal soul?

The Raft
Adventure | Ages 10+ | Multi-player
Something strange is lurking in the swamp and it’s up to you and your friends to investigate the infestation of supernatural creeps. It will take the whole team to defeat them though!

Travel Balloon
Family | Ages 5+
Be transported up into the air where the beauty of the world surrounds you. Soar over magical landscapes, beautiful vistas and incredible sights around the world.

Travel Bus
Family | Ages 5+
Explore the sights of the world’s famous cities as you ride the Big Red Bus. Drive past major landmarks or be transported to a boat ride down the Seine River in France, or down the road at Dubai Creek.

Check out my experience in Vdo: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bf2hJPNAQB3/?taken-by=engineer_with_flair

For more information: https://www.vrparkdubai.com/