Fuel prices to rise again in February

Fuel prices have just been announced for the following month and once again they’ve gone up.

Motorists have a few days to make the most of cheaper fuel before filling up becomes more expensive on 1st February (Thursday).

Here are the per litre increases for all types of fuel:


  • 98 Unleaded rises to AED 2.36 from AED 2.24
  • 95 Unleaded climbs from AED 2.12 to AED 2.25
  • 91 Unleaded up to AED 2.17 from AED 2.05
  • Diesel to AED 2.49 from AED 2.33

That’s an increase of just over six percent for Unleaded Special.

The Ministry of Energy has confirmed all prices include five percent VAT. Since August 2015, the cost of fuel has changed monthly due to deregulation and prices are announced by the UAE government on the 28th of each month.

Source: adwonline.ae