Winters are here and we all in need of products that can keep our dry and perched skin soft and supple. There are many products in market but most of them seems to fail fulfilling the requirement of our skin needs the most in this weather.

Cocoa butter being the main ingredient in these products, we can’t deny its numerous benefits and it has been using in the beauty industry for centuries and still loved by all beauty enthusiasts.

I am a big big fan of coco butter not just because of its benefits I adore its smell too. I can even eat it (hahaha I know its crazy ;p) but thats show my love for cocoa butter. Being a  palmer’s ambassador is a joyful experience, coz you are always sure that whatever the products you receive, they will not disappoint you to the extent that you might ended not to use after one time. It never happens seriously!

This month Cocoa Butter Formula comes in body oil and moisturizer form. Now will talk about it one by one


Moisturizing Body Oil – Cocoa Butter Formula

This body oil contains soybean, sesame and safflower with Vitamin E. It claims to relieves dry skin and keeps the skin moisturized 24 hours. Its lightly scented but I don’t mind even if it had strong cocoa smell ( fan of it remember? ;p)


It comes in a simple generic plastic bottle with press plastic cap. Although some times its not easy to control on the quantity of oil that comes out on your palm.

My Experience

My hands have a dead dry skin all thanks to harsh water of UAE and my super sensitive skin almost seemed perched even though I try to keep my hands drenched in creams. I was excited that I got one more product to keep my hands soft and supple, it smell great too additive point, right? :). I like to use on my body right after taking bath, it absorbs effortlessly and a small quantity does it work.


  • Light weight oil
  • Mild scented
  • Absorbs well


  • Not a travel friendly bottle
  • Extra quantity may take extra time to get absorbed


Moisturizing Solid Formula – Cocoa Butter Formula

A unique solid formula that contains concentrated Cocoa Butter along with Vitamin E to soften, smooth and relieve rough, dry skin.


Its a solid plastic tub jar that contains the wax formula in hard appearance.

My Experience

This solid formula has the same cocoa scent but more prominent than the oil. In my case the more strong of it the merrier ;). Scooping out the butter might be a little struggle initially, you will need to poke your finger with a force to scoop out some of it but melts  as you rub on your hands or any part of the body from your hands heat. However, its not easily absorbent like the Moisturizing Body Oil Formula.


  • Soothes Marks
  • With Vitamin E
  • 24 Hours Moisture


  • Scooping out Cocoa Butter Formula is not as easy as it sounds
  • Takes a little time to get absorbed

These two products are must have for this Brrrrrrrr (winter) Season. Try these fabulous fragrant products and remains soft & supple through out the dry season.

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