No one can deny that the fast pace life we are leading we all need sometime to pamper ourselves. We often neglect our care and then cry over various problems we bear in terms of skin and bodycare. Recently I got my hands of a brand by the name Shae, aims to serve nature goodness in a jar.

All the products by Shae has natural ingredients without any preservatives and nasty chemicals and they are proud to serve in this way. The best part about natural products are if they don’t benefits you they won’t harm you either so its a win-win situation.

I got to try Honey Comb Healing Salve and Rose Milk Bath. The packaging is simple but the golden cap makes it look all fancy which I love it. Even these jars look lovely on your makeup tray and bathroom shelf.



Honey Comb Healing Salve

❄❄Winters❄❄ are coming 🔊 or its already here at least for my skin. We all like to slather our skin with cream in this dry weather specially our heels. This honey comb healing salve is like a Vaseline but not that sticky like your ordinary petroleum jelly as its base is beeswax. A rich blend of essential oil soothes your skin and a protective layer of natural wax protects the exposed area against harsh elements.
Use as a protective layer on hands and feet or as lip balm in night to prevent from dryness🌬
My Experience⤵
My hands are the most dried part of my body and neglected one. I love using products that makes my hands soft without being sticky. Formula is greasy and you feel granules while rubbing which absorbs into your skin and make it supple. I recommend to use it in night on your feet, hands and lips. It smells like ayuverdic, I wish they add something to smell good however its a must have product in Winter



Rose Milk Bath 

We all know beauty queen Cleopatra who was famous in the history for her beautiful skin. Luckily, her beauty secrets are documented and as much as we know she loved to use rose and milk. Cleopatra’s most famous beauty secret was her ritual of bathing in milk and radiant skin was thought to have been achieved through natural salt. Now we too can bathe like the royalty.

The Himalayan pink salt in this luxurious milk bath relaxes and rejuvenates the muscles and the coconut milk and rose essential oil deeply hydrate and tone the skin.

Add a few scoops to your bath water and disappear in a cloud of rose and romance! or mix in warm water for quick pedicure to give your tired feet an aromatic therapy.

My Experience⤵

I must admit this products delivers what it claims. If you are like me who has a thing for rose scent then this will definitely calm you senses and just with one use you will become fan of it. I used a small amount of it in my bathtub and not only me, my whole washroom was basking in the aroma of roses while my skin was being softened and rejuvenated by the blend of essential oils. It was not less than a treat for me seriously! Take time to relax. You deserve it.

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