Yin & Yang restaurant brings chines and Italian food with Italian pizzeria by offering a variety of dishes and pizzas. They have two branches one in JLT and other in Silicon Oasis. Chinese here is somewhat we usually like to eat in Pakistan and India aka a desi version. I have been looking this kind of Chinese for long here in good taste and quality.



I was invited to the silicon branch, here the ambiance is simple and straight forward where along with Italian and Chinese food they offer the tea-room and the bakery in an elegant style with ample area of sitting.

My husband and I both are Chinese fans, so we got excited just by seeing the menu which was extensive yes!!! it took us some time to make our decision out of lots of variety. We mainly made our order out of Chinese menu (we our Chinese lover remember).

What we ordered?

  • Fried Wontons
  • Manchow Soup
  • Sweet and Sour Fish
  • Chicken Black Bean Sauce
  • Hong Kong Chicken
  • Fried Rice
  • Pizza


Our session started with starters like Wontons, filled with chicken and fried till crispy. The exterior was perfectly golden brown but unfortunately the filling was disappointing as it was too salty for our liking. I informed them right away and am glad they accept that it was by mistake and asked us if we want to replace them but we preferred to keep space for other items.


Manchow Soup was loaded with veggies like capsicum, carrot, mushrooms etc. It was comforting and didn’t feel like to add any sauce as it tasted good on its own. My server served us some fried noodles which notched up the taste and experience.


In main course Sweet and Sour Fish made a star entry on our table. Fried fish fillets doused with sweet and sour sauce went well with Fried Rice. Chicken Black Bean Sauce this stir fried chicken dish uses simple and rich black bean sauce with tons of herbs to bring out the flavor of the chicken and if you like gravy then Hong Kong Chicken is a good choice to try. Savory taste of chicken, the aroma of star anise & ginger, the sweetness of the sauce makes it a delightful dish. My favorite was Sweet and Sour Fish, Hong Kong Chicken and Fried Rice.


Lastly we tried pizza of two different flavor Emirates and BBQ Chiken. The base was thin like authentic Italian pizza and it was worth every bite. If you ask me yes BBQ chicken flavor was the winner in the battle of flavor.

I washed down all the sumptuous food with a cup of hot Green Tea and made our way happily to home. Now I know exactly from where to order for my desi Chinese version. You get good food here with in an affordable budget. DO try!!!

Address: Shop G04, Le Solarium Tower, Silicon Oasis, Dubai
Phone number: 04 4298981

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