Yevo Wireless Headphones

RIP tangled wires. You can express freedom like never before with these next generation headphones where there is no restriction of wires. It is made for our lifestyle

YEVO 1 is a new generation of smart headphones without any wires for total freedom of movement. Engineered to musical perfection, cutting-edge technology and designed to be featherweight in a incomparable harmony of tech and style. Designed in Stockholm, Sweden

Why YEVO 1 wireless headphones?

  • It offers fantastic Passive Noise Isolation that lets you shut out disturbing background noise. Just a tap away, Audio Transparency lets you mix your music with the surroundings.
  • The earbud is inspired by faceted precious metals and smooth shapes with the determination to deliver advanced technology in a sleek and sophisticated way
  • Available in 3 colors Onyx Black, Ivory White and Jet Black.
  • The touch sensor technology allows you to manage the volume, take phone calls, control your music, activate audio transparency, talk to your favorite personal assistant and much more with just a tap, without taking your phone out of your pocket.
  • Weighs only 8 grams and is designed to fit securely and comfortably in your ear, giving you the unlimited freedom of movement that you deserve
  • It comes with 6 different ear tips for the perfect fit
  • Delivering a safe, crystal clear audio quality, fine-tuned to hit those crisp highs and deep lows for a fully mesmeric experience.
  • With up to 4 hours of playtime per charge and a Charge Case that allows you to recharge power up to 5 times on the go.
  • The free iOS and Android apps lets you personalize it to your needs. Adjust the Audio Transparency, customize your EQ and Touch Controls to get exactly the experience you want.

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