Farzi is not a new name, they have already stir the market with their quirky presentations and gastronomical drama which leaves you totally stun. I was here again for the review of their lunch menu. Lets me take you through my culinary experience.

Farzi cafe is tucked away at the extension of city walk, modern interior,high roof ceilings with hanging round shaped lamps and plant pots instantly apprise you,you are in a top notch Indian restaurant,they have bijou outdoor setup too.


We started our culinary journey with a hot beverage contrary to what I do in my usual reviews but since I reached there early so thought to have a morning tea first. It came in a small brass vessel with a stand, totally adorable piece of presentation and you won’t get bored filling your cup again and again 🙂


To begin with clean palates we were served mango shot in a gastronomical drama which leaves you to stare and your inner child starts jumping with joy ( you can’t deny it :p)



In drinks pinacolads was being served with a twist of farzi, this refreshing drink had blue colored caviar giving it a notch up idea to a usual pinacolada. Served in a furnace shaped glass which really energized us instantly. Another drink of our lunch was this ice-tea, refreshing with a goodness of cinnamon.


Don’t get scared by seeing military truck, no you are not going to be detained, infact you will be served sliders with the most soft as cloud buns with a filling of relishing chicken between them which will make you to crave more than two.IMG_3041

Next beautifully presented dish came to us was Daal Chawal, yes!! you heard it right our very own everyday dish at such place but since its farzi where everything is a alluring illusion. Dal Chawal Arancini was in a shape of fried balls stuffed with daal and rice and served with tomato salsa ,topped with popadum rolls, pickle mayonnaise & mint sauce. Totally loved it and wanted to eat more.


Another foamy dish that we got to try was Tandoori Wild Mushrooms. It was prepared in an indian style with a twist of garlic pepper cream,tomatoes,crushed garlic,walnuts and desi herbs. Although I am not a big fan of mushrooms but mushroom lovers will be definitely delighted with it.


In main course we got to try shawarma biyani and chicken tikka masala. Being desi I was excited to try both of them.

Shawarma Biryani another unique presentation,slow cooked pieces of lamb thread in a skewer with dum Biryani , raita & a piece of papar. Meat was flavorful and succulent in taste with not so spicy biryani.


Chicken tikka masala was served in a mini typical red British phone booth,chicken tikka masala is very famous in UK thats why they serve it in this style. Chicken was well cooked in creamy spicy gravy, I really liked the texture but for my palate it was a bit sweet in taste.



In dessert we tried that looks like a garden in a bowl. Deconstructed chocolate cake with lots of berries, nuts and chocolate ganache served along with a scoop of icecream and chocolate truffle. Its is totally a treat for chocolate lovers. Our second one was the farzi take on the desi dessert rabi and gulab jaman. Our server transformed the rabri in liquid form solidified at the -149 temperature infront of us and then served after crushing it on gulab jaman topped with rose petals. Mind blowing taste and appropriate for desi sweet fix.

The staff here is vigilant and well trained, they know their job with full information about what they are serving.Special thanks to Mr. Manish for making sure everything goes smoothly. Try out their lunch menu and get yourself again farzified 😉

Address: City Walk, Al Safa & Al Wasl Road Intersection, Al Safa, Dubai
Phone Numbers:0526892012-04 3942556