What I love about using natural care products is that if they don’t benefits you they won’t even harm you either. So trying them out is safe.  This brand Dr .Neem has just made its way to the UAE market few months back with a bang of marketing strategy. We all remember that all the social media was flooded with posts of green leaf cake with a black hat in the amidst of the leaves. Yes !! thats how we all got to know about this brand.

Last week I received some products from Dr. Neem by Mr. Darlie includes two soap, face wash and a perfumed body lotion. All their products contain different herbs, like Neem, Aloevera, flower extracts etc, that can combat skin related diseases, whereas leave the skin with a moist and supple feeling.


I received Camal Milk and Aloevera & Yougurt soap, my excitement was elated to see camel milk soap, it was new to me and yes, no one can deny the winning combo of aleovera and yogurt as both the ingredients are amazing for skin. I usually avoid using soaps on my face only for bodywash but I tried camel soap milk and surprised to see that it didn’t leave my skin dry like other soaps and leaves a lingering fragrance on your skin.

In today’s time everyone uses facewash instead of soaps and am not exception. I always prefer to abolish any dirt from my skin with good face washes. In my PR package there was two Honey & Lemon  and Aleovera and Neem. Who can deny the benefits of these killer combs. Lemon is beneficial for oily skin and honey tends to plump and nourish  you skin in the same way neem is good for oily, acne prone skin and aleovera helps to retain moisture and give softness to the skin. I am totally impressed with the combinations of face wash. Although Lemon one was bit dry for my oily despite I am an oily skin person and I don’t like extra dry effect after washing my skin where as the second one felt suitable for my skin type. Do try out and lemme know you favorite one out of these two.


The oud body lotion has an exquisite fragrance, good to see that the its a thick and absorbs easily and leaves your skin supple with a lasting fragrance.

Thank you  Dr. Neem by Mr. Darlie for sending me these natural care products. They are for sure not only good but budget friendly as well.