We got different kinds of nail brands in the market with lots of colors and texture.  Lots of people don’t step out without adoring their nails with colors or they never fully dressed without a good manicure. Having said that, traditional nail colors mostly contains harsh chemicals and noxious odor which are not good for the health of our nails in long run.

Recently, I have come across this brand Kure Bazaar, their nail colors are eco friendly and contains 85% natural ingredients …Skeptical? right!! My first reaction was the same that how come a nail polish be made with natural ingredients but their 85% of natural origin and free from toxic chemicals, is based on wood pulp, wheat, cotton, potatoes and corn preserving the vitality of nails and respects their natural cycle.

Kure Bazaar was created by Kartika Luyet, a former professional Brazilian model. The main concept behind this project was to have a eco friendly nail colors as there was no green alternative to the traditional chemical nail polishes. After many trails & error, several years of research and fine- tuning the idea of creating the ‘ cleanest’ formula possible came into being that was in tune to Kure Bazaar specifications.


The Ingredients

The innovation of Kure Bazaar nail polishes includes permanent banning of the 4 most harmful ingredients from all formulas (formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates and synthetic camphor). The result is a ‘high tech’ nail polish with an 85% natural formula, whose ‘4 free’ guarantee certifies the absence of the 4 toxic ingredients aforementioned. Wood pulp, cotton, corn, potato and wheat are all part of the Kure Bazaar nail polish formula that respects nail fragility. This reduced-chemical formula respects the nails natural renewal cycle in order to preserve their health and beauty, and they appear more resistant and detoxified.However, Kure Bazaar nail polishes are not odour-free – only water-based nail lacquers have this privilege

Kure Bazaar products guarantee a more natural, less toxic manicure. Not only are the nail varnishes free from the more harmful chemicals, but they are also long-lasting, resistant to chipping, and come in a variety of super-glossy colors.

With over 75 stunning shades to choose from, they are the perfect polishes to glam up whilst looking after your nails.

The good news? A Kure Bazaar counter has just opened in Le BHV Marais in City Walk 2, offering a huge range of colors as well as a manicure bar. For a mani that uses acetone-free polish remover, aloe vera and coconut moisturizers, and the brand’s gentle polishes, call (+971) 4 403 3000.

Avaliable at Le BHV Marais in city walk 2