My hunt for good hair products never end, from oil to shampoo to conditioner I always intend to change with seasons, environment and hair condition. With proliferating number of brands in the market, its really difficult to stick with one brand as every new brand claims to be different from the others and more effective but we all know that not every new brand lives upto the hype.

I got some hair care product from GK Hair. The travelling pouch had Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-in Serum. I was excited to use them this pro line for hair care and treatment. Gkhairs uses the advance technology of Juvexin which is an updated version of Keratin. The GKhair Hair Taming System with Juvexin restores hair by repairing and providing long-term conditioning and protection. Juvexin is GKhair’s foundation in creating manageable, frizz-free, beautiful looking hair for all those who want it.

About GKHair:

Khair is much more than just a name. It’s a brand with a promise. A promise that your hair needs will be fulfilled. GKhair invests heavily in research and development to continually advance the science of hair to deliver new and innovative products. Whatever your desires may be, GKhair is the experience your hair needs.  The concept is very simple; develop and deliver new and creative ideas to a global marketplace. GKhair is the first and only company to harness the beauty benefits of Juvexin. Derived from sheep wool through an environmentally-friendly process, Juvexin is delivered to the hair in its natural state.

What is Juvexin?

Juvexin is a keratin anti-aging protein blend. The most revolutionary development in hair care in the past 50 years. It started with keratin, and then evolved to Juvexin. GKhair is the first and only company to harness the beauty benefits of Juvexin, which is delivered to the hair in its natural state. Derived from pristine sheep wool through an environmentally friendly process, Juvexin is found in GKhair Products worldwide.

 My Experience:

I am already having keratin treatment and being an honest person let me tell you,my Keratin brand was not this one, if I knew about it that time, am pretty sure I would have gone for this brand.  Well!!  its been more than 6 months and my treatment is already half worn off and my real hair texture has started showing up in full swing.

After every wash I was needed to blow dry a bit in order to retouch my long bob haircut but after using these products I was amazed to see the result right after first wash. Used shampoo, conditioner and after pat drying my hairs sprayed their leave-on serum on the length only. You won’t believer I just brushed my hair and after drying, my hair looked refreshed and there was no need of blowdry or hot iron touch ups. I was totally sold just after using it first time and now, I don’t want to switch to any other brand either.

All GKhair shampoos and hair care products are Sulfate Free. They are also free of all other harmful chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, gluten, phthalates, DEA, TEA, petrolatum or paraffin. GKhair’s list of shampoo products includes Balancing Shampoo, pH+ Clarifying Shampoo, Juvexin Shield Shampoo, Gold Shampoo, Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and the new Silver Bombshell Shampoo. So,using these products is a win-win situation.

If you have colored hairs, chemical treated hair or even virgin hair, GKhair has got shampoo and conditioner for every sort of hairs and not to forget even for dandruff. I would highly recommend these products for healthy, shiny and lustrous hair. It is important to invest in hair care treatments and products that are Sulfate Free and you can trust these products without any doubt.