I have been to Sahara Grill before and this time I was invited for Ramadan Set Menu Preview. Yes, they have a set menu which means less wastage and you get to feast on filling lineup starting from starters, soup, main course, dessert, tea and drinks all in 120 pp.

About Sahara Grill:

Sahara Grill first opened its door in the heart of London in 2004. Realizing the need for a unique flavor of high end quality of grilled food at an affordable price, the Sahara grill team set out to establish an outlet that would not only cater for the needs of families and individuals looking for good food, but also to make their restaurant a magnet for foodies and gourmet food lovers alike. With the same intention and continuous drive they have branched our to the city of deserts UAE. Its located at The Mall, right next to ayam elezz.

What you will get here: Iftar Menu

You will get Dates, Fruit Salad and Water on your table to break your iftar which is perfect and a healthy way.



Then you will be served Soup Of The Day. We got lentil soup, so thick and creamy with a wedge of lemon and nachos for adding crunch element.


Right after the comforting soup we got a platter of Lamb Chops and Buffalo Wings. Chops were marinated well in Sahara grill signature spices and grilled to perfection where as  Buffalo Wings were fried and served with sour cream and chives.

Over here the food is spice friendly and you can order according to the choice of your spice level.



In main course we got a filling platter consist of Flame Grilled Chicken again marinated in signature in house spices served with seasoned rice which were yellow in color and fries, fresh salad and coleslaw. I believe nobody likes to have heavy food right after iftar so this grilled chicken is a good option to mitigate your hunger pangs.


End your dinner on a sweet note with dessert and tea, you will get Tiramisu which unfortunately couldn’t impress me much, the taste of sugar and coffee was not infused well in the layers. So, I managed to take just one bite from it.

My husband and I warped up our experience on a cup of tea, sipping and absorbing the vibes of Burj AL Arab view and left the place with hope to come back soon again.

Address:The Mall, Opposite Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Jumeirah Road, Umm Suqeim, Dubai
Phone number:04 2753168