Who doesn’t like luxury brands? and When it comes to cosmetics its really important to use those brands which are not only safe for your health and doesn’t harm your skin.

Being a blogger I have tried many brands and in search of a good premium luxury brand that won’t make me regret to spend I came across this YSL. I have been using this brand’s bag but their beauty range with the golden packaging will definitely make you gaga.An object of desire, this award-winning lipstick is wrapped in a romantic, elegant gold case that exudes luxury.

I splurge on these two lipstick in shades 11 and 16. The 11 one is a vibrant pink color which is everyday shade. Its beautiful and very wearable where as the other color is chocolate brown which looks perfect with understated eye. These lipsticks are very emollient. I strongly suggest using a lip-liner or they will bleed past the lip line. They have a light scent, a bit perfume-scented. Not at all offensive. But, if you prefer no scent in your lipstick, I believe you would find this scent to be distracting but I like it.

These lip colors are all heavily pigmented and your lips feel moisturized when you’re wearing the lipstick. The packaging is so apt for Dubai people and those who likes to hoard quirky and gorgeous packaging products.