Being a makeup addict trying out new things is what I love to do. Receiving subscription boxes is always like getting a birthday gift which everyone loves to get at any age, don’t we? Recently I got a chance to try out Sunshine lip gloss by a famous brand Two Faced.


They have come up 3 shades with a yummy names that sounds like a smoothies- Papaya Slushie (a shimmery orange), Watermelon Ice (a frosty hot pink) and Mocha Freeze (a shimmery, nude bronze). Craving for some brain freeze drink? yeah thats exactly what happened with me too.


  • Exclusive formula prevents water loss for intense hydration
  • Lightweight, non-sticky gel formula

My Experience

In my subscription doll me up box I got Papaya Slushie which is a funky bright orange hue with a flecks of glitter. Let me clear am not a orange shade person, being a olive skin I always try to avoid such colors that can make me look dull instead of lifting.

I was so excited with the packaging and fun color but at the same time was skeptical of wearing it. I tried and yes it didn’t suit me as I was expecting. I thought to leave the idea of using it alone and went ahead and tried paring it up with my go to pink shade. Yes, I applied a layer of this gloss on my everyday pink shade and Voila!!! it instantly gave it a sassy look suitable to go with evening look.

This Sweet Sun Shines Lip Glosses positively drip with dewy shine, but without the tacky stickiness of other glosses. Pearl particles add a subtle, but sexy, light-reflecting layer of shimmer.

Look forward to try other two shades too, I like the formula as its not sticky and tacky which we usually feel in other gloss formula and am pretty sure that Watermelon ice- would definitely suits the olive skin .If you like Cremesheens  formula by MAC, you’d probably also like these Sweet Sun Shines.

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