Disconnect to Reconnect!!

Undeniably we all are living in a sphere of digital world,where most of our precious time revolves being connected with modernistic devices. If you are not aware of this new phenomena which seems like fad keep on reading, what exactly is digital detox?

Its a period of time during which you do not use phones, computers, and the Internet in order to reset or refocus

Being a influencer and photographer myself, more than half of my day spends on writing, creating posts and editing work. I have all the legitimate reasons to pull an all-nighter in front of my laptop due to work but there comes a point in life where one feels fidgety and lacks the ability to focus or concentrate on anything beyond being connected electronically.

Last week I got disconnected from social media as I shifted my house and I came to know that the internet will connect in three working days. I won’t lie, 1st day was like fish out of water, in every way it seemed like I had been transported to primitive age where time was running with a speed of snail. Second day I recon its not an easy being disconnected and I was in a dilemma rather stay away from internet or load my credit and start using data package. Third day I made myself adamant to continue experiencing this new phase and now, it was easy being away and living an analog life. This blessing in disguise not only helped to reset my thinking abilities but also made me focus on the details of my surrounding. The details which maybe trivial but has relevant impact on our day to day life and we usually ignore due to lack of time and that make us miss being living in the present moment.

According to research: The average person looks at their phone 150 times a day

It is important to understand that detoxifying yourself from gadgets doesn’t mean to completely refrain using them or on a permanent basis. It is crucial to understand keeping a balance between the same in today’s new age of constant touch, tap or swipe.

I agree to this notion that digital detoxing is not as simple as it sounds but if you are experiencing such symptoms then you need to realize that the “Art of Unplugging“, once in a while is definitely a therapy you need.

  • Lack of concentration
  • A feeling of irritation if separated from your device or when your battery is running low
  • Looking at your phone first thing when you wake up
  • Ignoring people while you are at your digital device
  • You are having a relation problem due to lack communication and attention

Living an analog life is not only beneficial to your mental health but also helps to increase productivity by reducing distractions and the best part it maintains a better relationship (which we lack the most these days) by interacting with people face-to-face in the physical world

Don’t be sorry and out to live 🙂