It’s that time of the year again when everyone is gearing up to welcome the holy month of Ramadan and Yes, being a Muslim I cannot wait for prayerful nights, divine feel and blissful spreads. Not only Muslims even all other communities living in Muslim countries get to experience this euphoric month and enjoy Iftar gatherings and savor Suhoor in different hotels and restaurants.


I have been to many Ramadan Events but recently got to try something unique and very near to the real feel of Ramadan. I was invited to the BME by blogger monica of doindubai. Ramadan Nights was arranged at her beautiful place by a talented team of Dish Caterers. Upon entering, the trail of lit candles welcome you to the main door. The table was set in an inviting theme of red and white in a communal dining style and Moroccan inspired lounge furniture completed the setting.


After meeting and greetings we all sat down on the table and started the culinary journey of 3 course menu with happy faces. This contemporary iftar menu started with drinks like

  • Fresh Green Apple
  • Cucumber
  • Lemon Juice
  • Elder Flower
  • Basil
  • Lychee Juice
  • Middle Eastern Rose

Out of above mentioned options I tried Lychee one and it was no less than a fresh breeze of air and would definitely be a perfect choice for iftar.

In starters there was selection of dates, green olive hummus a staple side dish of any Iftar but it had a twist of pistachio, sesame and olive oil, which I thoroughly enjoyed with crisp flat breads.


Right after starters hot soup was served on our table, roasted butternut squash and red lentil soup looked inviting in striking yellow color.Yes, it was comforting and everyone seemed to like it.

If you are a calories conscious person and wondering what you will get in dish catering Ramadan Menu then worry not! There are three kinds of salad

  • Grilled Peach and Green Bean
  • Torn Falafel Salad
  • Salt-Baked Beetroot with Zaatar




Usually I avoid having salads in iftar (don’t judge me please,I know, its bad) but Torn Falafel changed my mind completely with its flavorful taste, not just falafel it had fried cauliflower,pine nuts and sumac drenched in tahini dressing.Grilled Peach and Green Bean salad had orange blossom dressing where as Salt-Baked Beetroot was enticing enough to make even a carnivorous person to try.

Moving on to the main course we got to try

  • Slow Braised Lamb
  • Rice Pilaf
  • Salmon
  • Charcoal Chicken




I fall in the category who likes chicken in any form, so no wonder,seeing a chicken dish in the menu was no less than a treat. This Smoky Chicken was marinated in rose,pomegranate, parsley and almond salsa.Unfortunately it couldn’t impress me as the rose marination was quite overpowering to the other flavors,even the chicken taste was ineffectually recognizable to me. Rice Pilaf was aromatic and went well with garlic and honey yogurt. Salmon and Slow Braised Lamb were star dishes of the night, I could eat both of them all day long.



Lastly, we ended our meal on sweet note of Citrus Mousse and Coconut Cremeux. Both the desserts were delectable in taste but being a chocolate lover my vote goes to Milk Chocolate and Coconut Cremeux.

About Dish Catering:

Dish is a boutique catering and event management company who firmly believes in providing food quality, presentation and design with superior service. They are all geared up to welcome you to the second edition of Ramadan Night,a unique pop up culinary Iftar experience and will be proudly showcasing a brand new menu every day  inspired by flavors of the Middle East.

Join them between Friday 26th May’17 until the end of Ramadan from sunset onwards in Al Quoz’s Warehouse Four.This place will have the seating capacity of 120. Private and VIP tables are also available for those who prefer a more intimate setting. In addition, corporate clients will have the ability to reserve the whole venue for their clients and guests.

Priced: AED 195 (all inclusive)

For Reservations: