Who doesn’t like to have a radiant supple skin specially in this hot weather,when keeping skin hydrated and stay away being tan is a struggle.There are many commercial products in market, might be perfect for skin but unfortunately loaded with chemicals and possesses harm in long run to the skin. That is one of the reason people are trending to use herbal products, as they are safe and doesn’t contain any chemicals,

As far as organic creams are concerned, they are formulated with natural ingredients and contain negligible amount of chemicals. They can be used by people of all ages and skin types. Being a bloggers am always on the hunt of products that are not just effective but also doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.I have been trying to use herbal products and creams for addressing my problematic areas on skin.

Currently I got my hands on UK based brand Urban Veda’s Day Radiance Cream, enriched with botanical and Ayurveda herbs.This cream claims to deeply hydrate, moisturize your skin, helps to brighten your complexion and is suitable for those  who complains to have dehydrated and dull skin.

Enriched with brightening turmeric extract and anti-inflammatory Ayurvedic herbs and botanical,this day cream contains nourishing peptides to repair and brightening botanical of marigold and coriander for a glowing complexion.

Its creamy and a bit heavy in texture with a strong herbal fragrance. I like the way it glides easily on my skin, keep in mind if you have a oily prone skin,try to take a little dab of it and smooth it out evenly on your face followed by a good sun screen. This day radiance cream keeps my skin smooth and hydrated through out the day but yes!!! if you are like me who doesn’t like to use strong fragrance creams then this point might bother you. Other than that its a herbal cream and has all holistic benefits, imparts what it claims and keeps you skin supple and reduce sign of hyperpigmentation.

Its comes in a 50ml jar with easy screw lid. A little dab of product is enough for one use,so the whole product goes a long way. I look forward to use other products by this UK based brand Urban Veda.


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