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I have been to Dubai Mall many times and pass across this place but couldn’t get a chance to try it out. Dubai Mall is a hub of brands,activities and food chains,you get thousands of option and its certainly makes it difficult where to eat or not to eat.

This time I got the privilege to try out this Indonesian chain caters international palates and offer so much more through the captivating essence of flavors. I bet you will be sold just by browsing the menu. From a long captivating savory to delectable sweet options takes a while to choose. I was there to try out their Crepes and Galettes Festival which is till the end of April

They have got 4 quirky and different variety of crepes and galettes 4 in total.

  • Marwan
  • Sebastian
  • Suzette
  • Leila


IMG_8583Marwan a savory galette in which you will get spiced lamb,crispy quinoa,tzarziki with ample amount of Mediterranean salad. Where as Sebastian has wagyu beef ham,buffalo mozzarella with fresh heirloom tomatoes,baby rocket and balsamic reduction.


From their regular menu we couldn’t resist but to try Chicken Makhni,a quirky presentation with a taste that will surely delights you.


I am a sweet tooth person so Yes!!! this sweet crepes part totally excited me and I got to try Suzette which was a package of fresh oranges,vanilla yogurt,homemade orange sauce with a sprinkle of cinnamon.Ready to get your tastebuds tantalized with sweet and sour melody of taste.


Leila surprise you with the flavor of grilled peaches,pistachio icecream,hint of saffron,apricot jam,dates sprinkled with toasted pistachios. I am a icecream lover so no wonder this one made me happy more with the flavors and presentation.


I even got to try oreo crepe, a treat for chocolate lovers indeed!!! It was filling and lusciously creamy and I bet you won’t stop after one bite.

At the end I would say, indulge yourself in this festival of flavors and taste which is going on till the end of april and don’t miss out all 4,make you way to this place and treat your taste buds with international flavors.

Address:Ground Level, The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai, Dubai
Phone number:04 3398173

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