Last night I had the pleasure to attend the dinner time stories “Le Petit Chef”. It was like reminiscing your childhood and you find yourself in the trance of utterly endearing experience of little chef who is on the venture of discovering spice and taste around the world. Dining concept incorporating 3D projection mapping,with a six course set menu and a exciting show with mini chef who accompanies you on a culinary journey. This indelible session was in World Trade Club at 33rd floor in iconic Sheikh Rashid Tower,the first skyscraper in the region and still stands proud as a landmark of Dubai’s success.

We started our session by sitting in the pearl hall. One of the meeting halls available at world trade club. There were total 3 tables and we were four couples. On each table there was a book on which dinner time stories was inscribed. We were asked to put our cell phone on silent mode,for avoiding any disturbance. Projectors were set on the ceiling focusing our books on the table.


The story  is a journey inspired by adventurer Marco Polo traveled from Europe to Asia here little chef travels to Marseilli,Arabia,India,Himalaya to China in the urge to have his own restaurant with the finest taste and food.In the start he tells that how much he wanted to have his own restaurant but the idea didn’t work out so he set himself on the journey to discover secret ingredients and taste from different part of the world. Story stops after every 2 mins session and food comes on the table according to the theme.

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Our culinary journey starts with Amuse Bouche- Crunchy Mushroom Polenta Cubes and Tarte Nicoise were served inspired by french cuisine . Soft mushroom coated with boiled cornmeal polenta was treat to my palates, I wish I could have more than one(greedy me :D) and that mini tart filled with anchovy,tuna,black olives,green beans,tomato,herbs and fried potato. Both the items were served in a appealing little wooden treasure box.

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After finishing the first dinner break story continues,now chef takes you to the market of Arabia and found some earthy spices and get some inspiration from local food .We were served food in treasure box which had Quail Kibbeh,Walnut Shell Mohammara and Eggplant and Labneh. Kibbeh was good and had rustic taste of spices filled with fragant quail stew where as Walnut Mohammara had bell peper,walnut oil presented in cocoa butter edible walnut shell

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Now story proceeds to india region and desi food appears on your table, we got to try Pani Puri filled with spicy prawns, Plantain Fritters and Jack-fruit Cutlet with Spicy Mango Dip. All the items served in traditional silver platter decorated with desi spices in small jute packets.

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Story takes a new fold and chef travels on a bird and finds himself among huge, snow covered mountains and in harmony of the theme we got palate cleanser in white color Sorbet. It was lychee,pineapple and ginger flavor with lemon grass scent.


The whole process kept everyone engrossed I was more excited to know whats gonna come next than in eating. Lastly chef lands on the land of humongous wall yes!!!! China and we got Seabass and BokChoy in light soya and ginger sauce on our tables. Fish was soft and delectable but the whole dish was quite salty to my liking.

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For dessert he didn’t tell us anything and surprised us with secret recipe…it was Rice Pudding along with Raspberry Sorbet,Rose Petals and Crunchy Kunafa. Quirky combo of pudding with sorbet and crunchy kunafa won my heart instanlty.

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After the end of this astounding session we were ushered to the lounge for tea or coffee,which was served with some chocolates and small macrons.

It was like a fairy tale coming to life and  the child in me was jumping with ecastacy . If we elder could enjoy this whole session that this much imagine how much kids would love? Diner is priced at Dh450  per person (only food) and for kids its 50% off,the days are Thursday,Friday and Saturday and each evening offers two shows at 7.30 and 9.30 pm and its here till May.

You may contact through  www.dinnertimestory.com