Burgers have been around for ages and we never get tired of them but Yes!!!! finding good quality and taste sometime become real struggle. Many options are readily available everywhere but some joints become your go to place and Grilliant has made it to my that list.

Grilliant is a dream project of a person,who’s passion for food industry led him to came up with this burger joint.From interiors to the menu,he has put his heart in every possible way to make it his dream project. It is located at one of the opulent areas of Dubai jumeriah right next to the Matar Bin Fadil Masjid.

Upon your arrival you get to see a funky wall decorated with messages & notes and at your left you greeted by sober white brick wall. Hanging light at the counter give this place warm and uber feel.The menu focuses on the variety of burgers and hot dogs,one of the rare places where you find hog dogs in assorted flavors here in Dubai.

After talking with the owner Omer and scrutinizing the place, we happily placed our order which goes like this

  • Clint EastWood
  • Check-In Burger
  • MahaRaja Burger
  • Viking Hot Dog
  • Grilliant Fries


Clint East Wood is definitely a treat for meat lovers. Juicy,soft beef patty with beef bacon,cheddar cheese,mayo and ketchup makes it lip smacking and a definite choice for beef lovers.


If you are not a beef fan,worry not you can enjoy grilliant burgers in chicken too. I tried Check-In one which had grilled chicken,white onion,mushrooms,cheese,lettuce,mayo and yellow mustard. I found it light as grilled chicken  being used in it with fresh veggies and sauces to amplify the taste.Not to forget,buns here are organically fermented while making, so leaves you not bloated and heavy.


If by any chance you are a vegetarian,then, this place won’t disappoint you either. You can fill you tummy with spicy Maharaja Burger.


Don’t forget to try hot dogs here as you won’t find them easily with variety anywhere in Dubai.I picked up Viking that was loaded with fried onions and despite the fact I don’t enjoy fried onions that much,I didn’t mind eating in Viking hotdog :).


Being a french fries lover it was not possible not to try their Grillinat Fries and let me tell you they were heavenly.Minced meat,chedder cheese,crispy onions and thousand island would leave you crave for more. If I hadn’t had the fear of being burst up, I would have gone for second helping.


Last but not the least,we ended our culinary journey with karak tea.Yes!!! they serve tea and you can have a hint of saffron in tea with additional 1 dhs ,the best part was the right balance of sugar content which is not a normal practice while making karak tea everywhere(or the places I know) and gives you sugar rush.

I would definitely recommend this place,try it out if you are near to this area and mitigate your hunger pangs with flavorful assorted burgers and don’t forget to meet the sweet young owner who loves to take feedback and willing to improve day by day.On my next trip the only addition my eyes would love to search n the menu is addition of dessert and I hope it would be as scrumptious as the rest of the menu.

Address:Jumeirah Road, Next to Matar Bin Fadil Mosque, Jumeirah 3, Dubai
Phone Numbers:0564867474,04 3380797

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