Carnial by Trisend has become the talk of the town since its opening. Trisend being a reputed restaurant, everyone was anticipating the success of their another post modern indian culinary venture’CARNIVAL’.Expect to encounter the roller coaster ride of memories with the touch of magic and drama. I am not gonna  recapitulate the concept but this place awaits to dazzle you with its post modern take on indian cuisine under the supervision of executive chef Himanshu Saini.

Feeling of euphoria was inevitable on the culinary ride of this magical place. Nestled on the podium level of burj daman,DIFC with many other eateries. The moment you step in you get transported to fairy tale oriented spot, adorn with copper coordinated tress and lights giving oomph factor to the whole ambiance . Each wall is accessorized with diverge feel, giving you veracious feel of carnival concept. Spacious layout with ostentatious interior evokes nothing but exuberance. Dishes were presented in a unique way and has a story with every plating format.Even each drinks in the menu keeps you dumbstruck for a minute with the presentation.You won’t be able to keep your cameras down(insta food game) although taking good and sharp pictures in such ambient light would be real struggle.

Brunch Menu:

This time I was there for their newly launched brunch menu. Going to carnival is always a pleasure and exciting as a magical show, carnival never disappoints you with the taste and presentation,so whats new this time? There were some new concept of dishes and some were delightfully repeated from the previous menu.

What we tried?

  • Garden Salad
  • Chicken Tikka
  • Seafood Platter
  • Doosa Wafffle
  • Canape Platter
  • Rasgulla Curry
  • Pind Da Khana
  • Mushrooms Biryani
  • Chicken Curry
  • Pastry Trolly


This time our session started with the Garden Salad, It was a mini garden on wheel,it was fascinating to see how our server picking up the fresh green leaves from the plants and made a super bowl of delectable salad that was not only healthy but super fresh too.

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Our Drinks -Lychee and strawberry mocktails


Chicken Tikka Yes!!! the presentation was not as simple as the dish sounds,it was presented in pizza style,an Italian presentation but tasted desi. It was chicken escalope topped with onion rings,tandoori mayo and amul cheese.


Seafood Platter was presented on a bridge prop, looks like a golden bridge in shape. Containing 5 glasses of assorted seafood like fried fish,prawns,soft shell crab,squid and lobster served with pickle,dips and chutney.



Doosa Waffle another desi food fare with a perspective of international presentation. Who doesn’t like waffle? although am not a fan of dosa but the crispy dosa in the shape of waffle was a delightful experience to eat.



Canape Platter was a starters platter had all the delectable like palak paneer wonton,mock meat cutlet,smoked eggplant col au vent,dal plate with phulka. Every thing seems cute as they are in mini version specially the phulka will melt your heart. My favorites are palak paneer wonton and dal plate with phulka.

This one is from the previous menu Pind da kahna as name suggest, had all the traditional food in thali form like sarso da saag,maki di roti,lassi, chatni and pickle. Village curry was served in a clay pot.



Rasgulla and Chicken curry were two items with gravy came on our table, Fresh breads were served to accompany these curries,being a non-veg chicken one was my obvious choice and enjoy completely.


No indian menu is complete without Biryani,over here you can ask for chicken,lamb,prawns and beef biryani,we got to try mushroom biryani and it was my first time trying this veg biryani, long grain rice and each grain was heavenly infused with exotic taste of mushrooms. It was decent in taste but not my favorite.

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Now it was Dessert time, anxiously waiting to see another show of brilliance of carnival team with concept and flavors for this sweet part. We witnessed another amazing spread of trolley filled with delicacies bite size cakes,pies and pastries. Artistic display of mini sweets will surely compels you to gobble each and every items on the trolley. Pan macron,mango tart,gulab jaman and strawberry cheesecake are must try!!!


We washed down our long delectable session with a hot cup of green tea and made our way to home with happy tummy and content heart.Try out their brunch and get astound with presentation and quirky combos.

Friday Brunch

Time: 13.00 pm to 4.00pm

Live performance

Priced [ 190 pp with mocktails] [289 with hard liquor]

For Reservations,call 052242462/04428665


Winter menu season 2:

They welcomed you with their traditional style of bubbly show,which you never get bored of ever.Lets get straight to the the magical culinary experience. Our session started off with starters like

  • Pani puri
  • Bombay chutney bread
  • Dahi Vada


Pani puri being in pink color instantly catches your eyes, bombay chutney another street food presented in notched up style and you delightfully eat it in one go whereas dahi vada that came in a small wooden bowl had all the flavor you like to taste in this particular snack dish.

Other dishes that came on our table were

  • Dragon Chicken
  • Into the wild
  • Hunters Meat


Dragon chicken was delightful in taste,hunter meat came with bun and red chattni, the chattni seemed hot but it wasn’t rather had a balance taste in good way and I totally relish the meat with this no-so-hot red chattni and buttered soft bun. Into the wild came along with chilled cucumber, it seems odd before eating but its carnival where you encounter with unusual combinations and love them instantly!

In drinks we had,

  • Lychee passion berry
  • Passion fruit+orange


In amuse Bouche we got Strawberry Murabba for cleaning our palates,before digging into the main course.


In main course we had

  • Azurmendi inspired family picnic
  • Pind da kahna
  • Village curry


Azmrmendi is a place in indian from where they got the inspiration for this dish. The concept of family picnic is pivotal in it. They serve you everything in small airtight boxes for true representation of the outdoor fare. Pind da kahna as name suggest, had all the traditional food in thali form like sarso da saag,maki di roti,lassi, chatni and pickle. Village curry was served in a clay pot but unfortunately it couldn’t impress me much.

In dessert part,it was again endless food fare

  • Meetha Bhaat
  • Indian Donut
  • Mawa cake
  • Indian custard
  • Petit four (seaseme chikka and fatafat goli)


The team brilliance shows up through the desserts as well,each one the above dessert was different from the previous menu in terms of taste and concept. Totally relish each of it specially indian donut, remarkable fusion of western donut filled with eastern fare-rabri and topped with saffron foam,makes it prodigious dessert for sweet lovers.

We were totally filled upto the brim and no wonder, we could burst like balloon after such long menu tasting and where you want to eat alot. In the end they served petit four ,sesame chikka very traditional desi stuff made with jaggery and sesame seeds,sweet in taste and to relief our stomach after heavy duty dinner, fatafat goli was also presented on our table which was much needed, we popped into our mouth and got ourselves up with the addition of 2 to 3 kgs in our weight.

Carnival never let you down with its opulent taste and quirky presentation. Winter menu is all set to mesmerize you with some distinctive starters and delectable food.

Address:Podium Level, Burj Daman, DIFC, Dubai
Phone number:04 2759071

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