In this busy and hectic schedule of life everyone deserves some ‘ME’ time to crawl away the stress and what is a perfect way then by pampering ourselves through massages and wellbeing services to wean away pressure and tension.

Who doesn’t fancy a day at the spa? Yesterday I spent a blissful day at Abeer Beauty Spa and toll away all the tiredness in one session of Turkish Hammam.

Hammams are an extended Turkish version of the present sauna and steam bath. Though originated from Arabia, hammams were made popular as a public activity by the Turkish. Hammams are a popular scene in almost all hotels and spas across the globe and Dubai Spas are no exception. Along with relaxation, hammams also provide health, beauty, and mental benefits.

Some Info about Hammams :

Hammams follow a chronological order of treatment where you begin by entering into a hot steamy room in a simple white towel covering your modesty to open up your pores, the constant flow of dry, hot air makes you perspire more and makes way for your pores to open up. After which, you will be bathed and get scrubbing to remove all your dead cells and give smoother softer skin.There is a difference of some steps in turkish and moroccon bath. A typical  moroccon hammam involves a soak in hot steam, then a mud or clay treatment, then an application of black soap penetrate your skin. The soap is then washed off and the skin is vigorously exfoliated. Finish with a cool shower to close the pores where as turkish is based on water rather than on steam. A visit to a Turkish bath typically includes the experience of lying on a heated stone slab while a therapist applies a treatment such as an exfoliation or oil massage.

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Abeer beauty spa offers wide range of beauty services from hair,makeup to exclusive hammam sessions. After stepping into the salon enclave you instantly get opulent feel. The interior is a quirky combo of chic and classic. Waiting area gleams all in white allure you to have some time there, with LCD mounted on wall doesn’t get you bore. The ground floor is dedicated for hair services and the up stairs has hammam and massage rooms.


I was first offered tropical hammam which has basic ingredient of mango but I opted for Lavender one, since lavender has calming properties and my body was desperately urging for some calming treatment.My messeur Carlota ushered me to the massage room which was attached with changing room followed by hammam. I was excited to see neat and clean secluded private area consisting of a large heated marble slab at the end of the room along with ornate taps, basins, pail, and all other utilities basking in an Arabic look and feel. Arabesque tiles on the wall were adding the real ancient feel to the room. At first I got a hot water bath followed by exfoliation with mild exfoliate gloves,carlota was stroking professionally without hurting my skin.After being embarrassed by the amount of dirt I had on me (although I shower at least once a day), I received soapy wash up  followed by a rinsing session with cold water. she also shampooed and condition my hair in order to clean me up from head to toe.


In changing room I was handed over new bath wrap for drying out my body and hairs and proceeded to the another room having a massage bed and resting recliner. I was asked to lay-down on the bed for final step of cream massage. She scented my body with soothing lavender cream all over my body in circular motion so that my whole skin soaks in this soothing cream and becomes supple. I badly wanted to sleep there like a baby but the voice of thank you by my sweet attended carlote, I reckoned its ending of a blissful session. I gathered my sleepy body from the bed and sat down on the recline seat after which I was served hot brewed coffee along with a sweet treat, which instantly charged up my drowsy senses.Its now time to get back to my clothes and headed down stairs happily with refreshed and de-stressed body. All thanks to abeer spa team for spoiling me and giving a revivify start to face the crazy-busy coming hectic week.

Revitalized yourself by allowing abeer beauty spa team with their special beauty services.

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