Carnial by Trisend has become the talk of the town since its opening. Trisend being a reputed restaurant, everyone was anticipating the success of their another post modern indian culinary venture’CARNIVAL’.Expect to encounter the roller coaster ride of memories with the touch of magic and drama. I am not gonna  recapitulate the concept but this place awaits to dazzle you with its post modern take on indian cuisine under the supervision of executive chef Himanshu Saini.

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Feeling of euphoria was inevitable on the culinary ride of this magical place. Nestled on the podium level of burj daman,DIFC with many other eateries. The moment you step in you get transported to fairy tale oriented spot, adorn with copper coordinated tress and lights giving oomph factor to the whole ambiance . Each wall is accessorized with diverge feel, giving you veracious feel of carnival concept. Spacious layout with ostentatious interior evokes nothing but exuberance. Dishes were presented in a unique way and has a story with every plating format.Even each drinks in the menu keeps you dumbstruck for a minute with the presentation.You won’t be able to keep your cameras down(insta food game) although taking good and sharp pictures in such ambient light would be real struggle.


Well-trained staff welcomed our appearance with the burst of bubbles and I held myself until the excitement of the child inside subsided entirely.Lets get straight to the the magical culinary experience. Our session started off with Makhan Phal, magical effect of liquid nitrogen adds drama to the bite size starter and makes it a perfect start.Cacao butter hive with avocado and lime cream,very light and delightful in taste.


The second dish was Happy Halloween aptly named as the small flat breads were stuffed with pumpkin stuffing. Two bite size bread  was like melt in the mouth with sweet and sour flavorful stuffing.


Daal Phulka was next, dupe cappuccino ended up in thick lentil soup taste.I absolutely relished every sip of it and could taste flavor of authentic ghee and cocoa cumin, indian cookie(phulka) was complimenting treat served along with it.


Pulliinji Prawns- a south indian touch delivered promptly with this prawns dish, ginger and tamarind flavored dish made with pepper and caramelized with palm sugar, veiling with minted net.


Jelabi chat ‘Life Is Short, Eat Dessert First’. A magical combination of a famous Indian sweet Jelebi served on top and bottom of chaat made of yogurt mouse, potato and chick peas.Sweetness of jelebi did not overpower the taste but added the right crunch to the dish.


Meatilicious another well incorporated south indian flavor in the form of lamb chop served with spicy potato mixture adorn with a piece of crispy dosa.

Our magical drinks:


Vada Pav another interesting presentation, being an engineer I thoroughly enjoyed the way ingredients came in a tool box representing labor class, it was assembled and presented in simple way, reminds you of street food.I bet you are gonna crave for more after one bite


Utterly Butterly  this platter offers two juicy pieces of wagyu beef cooked in amul butter topped with fresh rosemary leaves and toast topped with cheese and spices veggies,truly palatable!


Malai barf the litchi granita mixed with raspberry sauce, rose water and thick cream milk was just like the traditional ice golas directly from streets in India. It was served in a wooden bowl.


Airline chicken the concept is inspired from airline meal but let me tell you it was way superior in taste than the food served during flights.A chicken tikka gravy with white steam rice, croissant, greek salad and dark chocolate mousse, a perfect complete meal.


Gol Hatti ,a traditional Delhi dish palak (spinach) chole cooked in a round pot.To my liking it was not something I would recommend.


Carta Farta was served in a closed plastic bag which really made me skeptical. I am never in a favor of anything served hot in plastic, be it of any quality, our server came and served us after untie the knot of plastic bag but yes this traditional style fish curry dish was on spot and the fish pieces were soft like pillow. A must try but do point out to change the serving style.


Biryani long grains with aromatic flavor of basmati rice, yellow in color came in a small marble pot as one of the main course. A more spicy version would have been better but I tried to eat this dish with carta farta gravy.


Last but not the least my favorite part of every tasting session dessert. Gajak a visual treat,the presentation which defines the true meaning of ‘art meets food ‘,it was like painter showing his skills with culinary ingredients like white and brown chocolates, peanuts, caramel, chocolate sauce, frozen strawberries etc. Chocolate sphere was put on the center and after assembling all the ingredients, the server broke the sphere like pinata and scoops of icecreams of different flavors came out as surprise.If you are wondering about the taste its like snickers chocolate.


Our exciting culinary experience ended on the beetal flavor, no not desi paan but we got the same taste in macaroon form(Paan Macaroon). Secured more marks from us with this dainty ending.I would recommend my followers to go and try out this new buzzing place and feel the magic in-person. For service it was prompt in the start but lacked as the session progress, I ordered another drink which was served to me in the last with the dessert and it was no point of having it with dessert. Still I would rate it according to the presentation,distinctive style and delectable food.

Address:Podium Level, Burj Daman, DIFC, Dubai
Phone number:04 2759071