Last week  I got a chance to try authentic Lebanese restaurant located in The Mall,Jumeriah Road. Ayam Elezz means Good Old Days. I have been to many Lebanese restaurants but this place won my heart instantly.Not only the food but the decor mesmerized you and transports you to the old era of Lebanon.

Every single detail from vintage decor pieces to the tiles used as flooring is original and depicts the real of that age. I got to know from the floor manager Mohammed that the tiles are not new they have been brought here from an old house of Lebanon,isn’t amazing?Even an old movie was showing on LCD and not to forget old classic music in the background leaves you totally nostalgic.The restaurant offers shisha in separate area which is a relief for all those who are allergic to fumes and smoke.


Our culinary journey started with the welcome bread that came on a wooden platter with two sauces.What a fresh start of our evening,we were than served two fresh juices Pomegranate juice that came in a cute little jar like glass and Lemonade Batrouniye (chopped lime and orange),the specialty of all these juices that they are hand mashed and squeezed.

I liked to go with the manager’s choice of menu rather selecting all by myself.The restaurant was busy and people were flowing in as the weekend’s night approaching.While waiting of the food I was totally engrossed with the decor,painting and the vintage stuff on the display.There was an old greaser gracing the corner of the restaurant,which they have renovated with the bulbs. Totally impressed with the details.

The elyam elezz cocktail came in a tall glass had mixed chunks of fruits,cream and honey. It was very filling,try not to order with heavy items.

In Hot Mezze we tried

Chicken Liver  fried chicken liver mixed with minced garlic and pomegranate molasses and garnished with fried pine nuts I didn’t it find as soft as I was expecting. Batata Hara small pieces of potatoes infused with olive oil,garlic,coriander and chili.Relished it completely. Makanek, fried Lebanese sausages with minced garlic and pomegranate molasses. Kibbeh Sajiyeh minced meat and bulgur garnised with nuts, it does required developed taste for liking it.


In Cold Mezze and Salads we were pampered with

Hummus Ayam Elezz,it was one of the best hummus I have had in a long time it was quite unusual what we usually get at other places it had small pieces of veggies,seasoned with cumin and salt in short it was spectacular and a must try. Kebbet Lentil it was a new addition to my food list,it was a mix of finest lentil,burgul and tomato paste.Vine Leaves , a staple item in arabic menu, stuffed leave with tomato,white rice,veggies and olive oil. Fattoush and Homemade Tabbouleh both were fresh and accompanied very well with other variety on our table.


Now comes the highlight of the evening our main course. We were served Mix Grill a platter which had baby veal,Taouk,Kafta and Kabab served along with fries. Let me accept that we used to drive all the way to Abudhabi for a perfect platter of grill that is served at Lebanese flower,our favorite for years, but now I know, I don’t have to look further and without travelling far,I can satisfy myself with their authentic mix grill. Each piece was soft and juicy the way it should be and cooked to perfection. Hands down to it.


Ah!!!! we were full and satisfied by now, great ambiance and good food is all needed to kick start your weekend and we had it all but we were still left with the best part of any tasting, dessert. We got to try Rice Pudding and Raha Bel Ashta. Rice pudding is one of their best sellers and no wonder it is. Despite being creamy it was light in taste and had a balanced amount of sweetness. If you like over sweetened desserts maybe it won’t impress you but it did to me. Raha Bel Ashta was in-house marshmallows filled with cream and topped with icing sugar and pistachios,it was totally opposite to rice pudding in terms of sweetness.So my vote goes to the first one.

All in all, great place for Lebanese food.I would highly recommend this place to my followers and friends.Looking forward to try out their breakfast menu.

Address:The Mall, Jumeirah Road, Umm Suqeim, Dubai
Phone number:04 4376069


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