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I was never a fan of sushi before coming to Dubai. Over the last few months I got to try various types like sushi, maki,sashimi and nigiri. I was only aware of sushi before that so for those who don’t know the difference of sushi, maki and other variety here is some precise info for them.

Sushi is a type of food preparation originating in Japan, consisting of cooked vinegared rice combined with other ingredients such as raw seafood, vegetables and sometimes tropical fruits.

Maki is a Japanese dish of sushi and raw vegetables wrapped in a seaweed sheet; also called maki sushi.

Sashimi is a raw slices of fish

Nigiri a type of sushi consisting of a small ball of rice, smeared with wasabi paste and topped with raw fish or other seafood.

This Japanese originated food is famous world wide. For the love of sushi I decided to try Yo!! sushi. It is a casual and quirky style sushi concept, having 8 branches in Dubai.

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I went out after Friday prayers to marina mall branch and the place was totally busy with people. The place was  colorful and funky,hanging lamps with a unique concept of conveyor belt. You can opt cold variety from the conveyor belt which moves around or you can order hot fresh food from their kitchen. There are seven colors of plates with different prices. They count up the plates at the end to prepare your bill.

From cold options I tried California Roll this sushi comes in 3 pieces and has carbstick,avocado,mayonnaise and sesame seeds.Yo! California Roll had same ingredients like California roll just with the addition of masago (smelt fish roe). Spicy Chicken Katsu this sushi had a filling of crispy fried chicken coated with japanese crumbs and served with fruity sauce. Spicy Crunchy Prawns ISO crunchy tempura prawns served along with spicy version of mayo dip.Smoked Salmon & CreamCheese filling of cucumber,cream cheese and smoked salmon was highlight among all the cold food. Definitely worth trying.


Smoked Salmon & CreamCheese

From Hot items we tried Chicken Fried Rice aromatic fried rice prepared in wok with chicken and assorted crunchy veggies.Chicken Gayazo freshly prepared dumplings filled with pan fried chicken and vegetable.Prawn Yakisoba japanese style noodles made with mild spices,tangy sauce with prawns and vegetables. Prawn Katsu  are japanese breaded prawns fried and available with fruity sauce.Garlic Beef Teryaki pieces of grilled beef sauteed with garlic and sweet and sticky soya sauce.Popcorn shrimps tempura small bites of shrimps heavily immersed in creamy miso sauce,a must try. Being a prawn lover I ordered Prawns Tempura too which came with ginger and harusame sauce.


Popcorn Shrimps Tempura
Garlic Beef Teryaki
Prawn Katsu
Prawn Yakisoba
Chicken Fried Rice
Chicken Gayazo
Prawns Tempura

In drinks we quench our thirst with refreshing fun-to-drink ice tea.


We ended our exciting meal with mochi dessert,glutinous rice cake with icecream filling. The best part was that,it was creamy and not over sweet in taste.


Last but not the least we comforted ourself with Japanese Herbal Relaxation Tea. Cute kettle with a traditional cup really fascinated me.


Using chopstick was never an easy job for me,although I have tried many times before but this place made it very easy, any person who is not even familiar of its use can brag about eating with Japanese sticks like an expert.

Looks at the mechanism, they have made for its easy use. Isn’t it interesting?

This place is a heaven for sushi lover.If you are already a fan of it or not in both cases this place won’t disappoint you and worth every penny.Do give it a try for the ultimate experience of Japanese food.Service is prompt and they serve what they claim.

Address:Promenade Level, Dubai MarinaMall, Dubai Marina, Dubai
Phone number:04 4298976

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