Think of nutty nutella,oozing and rushing melted dark chocolate, dreamy drizzle of white fountain. If it all sounds like a lullaby to you and exhilaration pumps you,than skip your calories meter and get on the bandwagon of sweet land and park your automobiles outside this heavenly parlor and its no other than ICE LAB.


My Instagram had been flooded with alluring pictures of newly opened dessert parlor ICE LAB. I couldn’t resist and thought to try this places. I went by to the Al-Khawaneej branch in Mirdrif. Its a small place squeezed in between normal shops,it maybe a difficult to locate it for the first time but GPS will be your friend.

Elongated counter stretched through out the shop making and assembling addicted shakes aromatic waffles, satisfying crepes and luscious ice creams. I got a small tour by branch manager Jihad. He was kind enough to let me take pictures despite the fact the place is small and staff was busy in taking and making orders.Still they managed happily and introduced their yummy varieties to me.

After taking shots to my contentment I got to try nutella shake. It was a big jar of nutella, filled with luscious nutella based shake with hearty amount of cream drizzled with chocolate syrup. Easily shared by two persons and you can take that jar along with you.

IMG_8155 copy

I got to try two ice creams lotus and the other one was nutella flavor. Manager claims that they are the only ones in Dubai so far who has nutella flavor icecream. Among the both I would give more points to lotus icecream.



Than I got my hands on mini pancakes topped with nutella. They offer three variety of pancakes nutella,cheese and honey, nutella and strawberry. Even crepes are available in many flavors,crepe sushi unaccustomed item in the menu,famous item among people.



Don’t forget to try waffles stick and make sure to eat as they serve otherwise you won’t enjoy it that much. It came to me covered with three different chocolate. Simply satisfying.


They also offered me their in house made brownies. OMG!!! their first bite made me fall in love with them. Soft, spongy and decedent taste. I would suggest try them alone without any chocolate.


They have different slushies as well. Strawberry slush was very refreshing and perfect for Dubai’s summer. It is a concoction of mint,lemon and strawberries, rejuvenated me instantly and  I kept on sipping it till the last drop.


F3 named after Sheikh Hamdan, much hyped coffee based drink is a treat who adores coffee but I was expecting a lot but it couldn’t make it to my favorites.


All in all, ICE LAB truly lives upto their name, where you can beat the Dubai’s heat with its refreshing slushes, fattening and rich variety of shakes and satisfy you sweet-tooth with succulent delicacies. Would surely recommend this place to my followers.
Thank you Nasser for letting me to experience  ICE LAB.

Must Try:

  • Nutella Shake
  • Brownies
  • Strawberry slush
  • Lotus icecream
  • sushi crepes
Address:Inside Dakakeen, Al Khawaneej,Mirdif, Dubai
Phone number:0501080716

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