Tony Roma’s is a casual, laid back genre of family restaurant where you can treat you taste buds with steaks,premier chicken,seafood and not to forget BBQ ribs.It all started in 1972, in Florida,USA. The concept was simple, aiming to entertain families with great food and reasonable prices, late evening service and nightly live entertainment.Tony Roma’s famous for its ribs and steaks people used to travel miles to sample the signature product.


When I got a chance to try Tony Roma’s  midrif branch,I instantly zomato it to know about its and surprisingly !!things went eccentric and I became skeptical with the comments.Went out on the Friday evening with my hubby this branch is exactly at Arabian Center in Mirdrif. I had never been to this mall so with shear curiosity I inspected the mall it was large and crowded due to weekend. Tony Roma’s is exactly opposite to the food court at first floor.Its a casual dining place where  you can enjoy with your family and friends and cherish moments with good tasting food.

After setting down on our table we were greeted by the branch manager ton ton. He briefed us about the restaurant and welcomed us with kind words. I asked them to treat us with their best so that I could be able to select worth trying items for my followers and help them to know what to order or what not.

What we had:

In Appetizers 

  • Tony’s Sampler
  • Kickin Shrimp
  •  Nachos

Tony’s Sampler is a perfect trio of appetizer.It has boneless bites,Spanish dip and onion loaf served with salsa,sour cream and spicy BBQ sauce.If you are with a group its a most suitable choice to order and you get to taste different variety in one go rather ordering them separately.


Kickin Shrimps– If you are a fan of dynamite shrimps than let me assure you,you are gonna enjoy it equally but it amazing so say they were very light on stomach,don’t judge me I am a Bigggggggggggg!!!! fan of dynamite shrimps from P.F changs but this dish won my heart a notch.


Nachos they need no introduction crispy tortillas served with salsa,you can have them with chicken and lots of cheese by the name classic nachos.

In Mains:

  • Chicken Alfredo
  • Bountiful Beef Ribs and Fillet Medallions

Chicken Alfredo being a pasta lover that too with white sauce,I was unable to ignore it when I saw it name on the menu and hurriedly ordered it.Pasta was cooked the way it should be but the white sauce couldn’t impress me,it was not very creamy and  Parmesan tossed over it was giving the whole dish a very salty aftertaste. I would suggest to look into the recipe there should be a balance of salt and creaminess in the taste.


Bountiful Beef Ribs and Fillet Medallions now!!! that is something I was waiting for, the beef part for what tony roma’s is famous for. This platter is a melody of two ribs and two soft juicy pieces of medallions. Although I am not a fan of beef but both were soft,well cooked and amazing in taste topped with demi glaze sauce. Served with mashed potatoes and coleslaw. You can select side items from the menu you like to have with this bombshell platter.


In Drink we tried 

  • Vanilla Shake
  • Cranberry cocktail

We were totally full and happy with the food choices they served to us. Now!!! it was the time I usually get excited to try yes dessert time :).

For satisfying our sweet toot we again got a combo of two dessert, between the two  I truly relish every morsel of dense fudge dark chocolate brownie with scoope of vanilla icecream.


I am still amazed with the rating on zomato of this eatery,on the contarary I had a best time eating out here not just the quality but the taste was amazing too. I would highly recommend this place to my followers and definitely going back to try their breakfast menu soon.

Recommended dishes:

  • Tony’s Sampler
  • Kickin Shrimp
  • Bountiful Beef Ribs and Fillet Medallions
  • Brownie with icecream
Address:Arabian Center Mall, Mirdif, Dubai
Phone number:04 2999629

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