Being a blogger I am on a hunt of good options of breakfast for my followers so that they don’t have to grapple around where to go,easy on pocket or something famous with amazing taste.


Fume has been on my radar list for long. Nestled in Pier 7 it is easily located and can reach through marina mall. Pier 7 is famous for its premiere fine dining scene. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and on weekend I always prefer to have it like a king. Beautiful view with great food what else you want to celebrate you weekend morning.

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Serene view of pier 7 was ideally evident when we settled down on out table. The whole restaurant gives you rustic vintage vibe,warm atmosphere,recycled furniture with old drum as a support ,sprawled spot light on each table and epoch classical coke refrigerator at one end. Quirky messages on egg shells add an interesting look on each table.They have bar facility with smoking area. Friday brunch here is a big affair not only elder, it caters kids with mini buffet plus playing area. Ideal for families to have a laid back brunch without hassle of kids entertainment.Staff is courteous and attentive which is one of the reason I would like to visit this place again.

Since we were there in the morning time,breakfast menu was presented to us.I got really excited by looking at the cute vintage menu although you doesn’t encounter with many options,we ordered :

  • Arabic Breakfast
  • The Fume Pan
  • Waffles
  • Rainbow Bagel
  • Milkshakes


Arabic Breakfast was a platter consist of shakshouka,salad, labneh and bread. If you are not familiar with shakshouka,it is a dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, and onions, often spiced with cumin. It had a right kind of punch, I don’t like to eat very spicy food in breakfast. It was perfectly paired with labneh but yes bread being toasted too much was hard for my gums I was unable to bite and chewing was a struggle.So,if you like it soft make sure to mention it while ordering.


The Fume Pan you can relish two fried eggs, real hash brown, mushrooms, homemade veal & chicken sausage, smoked veal bacon, slow roasted tomatoes with our baked beans & sourdough. Instead of fried egg we opted cheese omelette. My hubby enjoyed the whole variety of the platter.Apart from the cheese omelette hash brown was the highlight for me.


Waffles came to our table topped with chunk of strawberries and blueberries and a dollop of cream. Having waffles in breakfast is like a treat to myself and my love for waffles usually takes me to IHop but let me tell you over here the waffles were light and didn’t make you feel full just after having some bites of it.


We were offered to try rainbow bagel and who wouldn’t say No!!! to the most alluring treat. The moment I saw it a kids inside me was jumping with happiness. I couldn’t resist  and made my husband wait to finish my obsession of taking its picture from every angle.The rainbow bagel actually tastes like a normal plain bagel, but the toppings are where things get really funky.Now,you don’t need to travel all the way to NY to taste this famous unicorn or rainbow bagel.Topping was sweet to perfection and had a hint of vanilla, really went well with the taste of bagel.

Let talk about the monster milkshake, its been bombarding my home page and other social media platforms for quite sometime. We ordered  Bro-nut and Popping cereal.


Bro-nut Milkshake serves in mason jar topped with sandwich of brownie with cream.This sinful creamy milkshake makes you to think nothing and dive in straight away. I really like the thick creamy texture, that’s what milkshakes are all about..right???? dark chocolaty flavor is a complete celebration for chocolate lovers.


Popping cereal was another a visual treat came in with caramelized popcorn on the top of mason jar. Creamy,thick and heavenly in taste. Both the shakes were true to their hype and didn’t regret us for being so excited about them.

In last,I would say fume has made it to my list of favorite breakfast options in town. Not only food but the view makes it a perfect place to start your weekend mornings,unwind yourself in a laid back style and don’t forget if you are aficionado about vintage and retro things,it surely gonna leave an indelible impression on you.I look forward to try their brunch and dinner menu soon.

 Address:1st Floor, Pier 7, Behind Dubai Marina Mall, Dubai Marina, Dubai
Phone number:04 4215669

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