Metropolitan city like Dubai where every other day unfolds a new name in the field of restaurant.With many choices it always intricate where to go and what to try. Located in the heart of DIFC’s Gate Village, DIFC  has become a hub of heavy duty names of eateries. After getting an invite for a culinary experience new to my palate, excitement would be an understatement.

Totora Cebichera Peruana is a new entery on the block operated around March, and its all about authentic Peruvian “vivid culinary journey”.

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The moment you step in, you encounter a bridge inspired entrance and ambiance features a contemporary design and decor by award-winning Fadi Sarieddine plus it is comprised of two levels with lounge and bar facility.

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Dim lights with contemporary chic ambiance made us real happy and after setting down on our table we were presented set menu for the bloggers with a big smile. I must admit the service here is impeccable.Our server was not only super courteous but well informed about each dish, in fact everybody we interacted with was equally good.

We kick off with a cocktail to get the tastebuds going, Chicha Morada came to treat my palate. It was unique combo Purple Corn, Pineapple and Lime, enhanced perfectly with Cinnamon, Cloves and Sugar.It is pre-colonial era’s drink of Peru.At first sip it didnt impress me but with one after the other sip its taste grew on me.I also ordered ginger ale to quench my thirst.

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We were then served ceviches seafood variety.The seafood was top notch and of very high quality . In starters we got to try Cebiches a classical dish right from Peru cured in limejuice,spiced with Peruvian chilies.

Other was De Bario amazing seafood variety, had octopus,shrimps,seabass,boiled cassava,chulpi corn,rocoto leche de tigre with a tingy flavor profile, must try it.


Nikkei was a melody of tuna,avocado with nikkei soya sauce,although I didnt enjoy it the way I did the previous 2 starters.


Then comes Champinones aka mushrooms comprised of button,eryngii and enoki mushrooms,limejuice,inka corn and coriander.A popular Spanish Tapas dish and it was totally a good option for vegetarians.


Last starter was Quinoa Roll,quinoa,red snapper,avocado and rocoto sauce.Perfect blend of all the ingredients and it has made it to my favorite sushi list.


Next up was the main event, which always makes me a little nervous – Dubai has a habit of producing great starters, but often falls down when it comes to main courses. I needn’t have worried, as Totora passed this section of the dinner with flying colors.

De Pollo,chicken skewers grilled to perfection,marinated with special peruvian spices and house aji sauce. I really liked the flavor and softness of each grilled chunk.


Empanadas de carne,The empanadas were a winner, and the pastry was stunning. it has resemblance of desi bite size samosa. It had beef,panca and chimichurri sauce.


Arroz Con Pato, duck dish that was prepared with aji amarillio, aji panca, rice, coriander and dark beer. However being a non-alcoholic person it was very courteous gesture of the staff to get us this dish without addition of alcohol. The sauce was creamy that was complimenting the crispiness of duck so well,even the duck was cooked well but the portion size was not enough for the two persons.


Now, come to the most exciting part of any culinary journey desserts and believe me Totora wont let you down on this part. That night we tried two variety

Tres Leches soft sponge soaked with three types of milk evaporated, condensed and cream, was delicious and had a more pleasant, smoother texture than others I’ve sample in Dubai. Soft and gooey and another best part is you don’t encounter with sugar rush.A great choice for those who like indulgent vanilla flavors! Totally recommended.


Last but not the least dish of the evening was Clasico Peruano,classic rice pudding,purple corn sorbet and fig crumble. Both the desserts were classy and satiate your sweet cravings well. We ended our amazing evening on the sweet notes with indelible eperience of Peruvian cuisine and contemporary ambiance.


Peruvians and global citizens alike need to go and check out this impressive place,they’ll provide the great food in authentic Pan-Latin style and taste-what more do you need?

Address:Gate Village 7, DIFC, Dubai
Phone number:04 3999666
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