Who doesn’t like to de-stress in the arms of blissful treatment of Spa.Massage and other spa treatments have been medically proven to promote well being, reduce stress and lower blood pressure.With busy work schedules and packed social calendars, life in UAE is the epitome of fast lane living. From hot stone body massages to wraps and deeply soothing Ayurveda spa treatments, there are a variety of spas that can cater to your every need, be it relieving stress, soothing aches and pains or just providing relaxation for those who burn the candle at both ends.


I got a chance to rejuvenate myself in the spa of Ramada Beach Hotel (Ajman). All thanks to Ada Glayza (PR manager).Featuring five treatment rooms and a waiting area with a sea view, the spa offers a wide range of massage therapies, body treatments, facial treatments and Moroccan baths. “The Experience Spa” is a concept by Al Shifa; it aims to provide specialized services underlining relaxation, wellness and beauty. Some of its recommended massages include the Harmony, or four-hand massage, and the Thai Massage with Luk Pra Kob, commonly known as the herbal ball.  

My Massage Room

You feel instantly relaxed as soon as you walk into the reception area of the spa- warm lighting and the music pleasantly tinkles and you can smell the wonderful aroma of the essential oil.I  ushered into my massage room. I really liked it, dim lights already calmed my senses,each room has a locker and you are given a lovely robe and slippers to put on before you whisked away to the bed for treatment.

I was suggested Holistic Massage,its a 90 mins complete censorial experience,it takes you on a vast journey of 4 distinct worlds, Oriental,Mediterranean,India and Arabic.I led face down on the massage table and my masseuse who was from Nepal start the massage in a very professional way,I could feel all the tension stocked in my muscles was fading away. I drift off for a while until it was time for the end of my massage. I don’t know how 90 mins flew away. I wanted to stay and sleep more on that comfy bed amidst of dim lights and music. I was ushered to the waiting room, where I relaxed on cushions and drank some green tea.Such a bliss!!!!

This is one little piece of ‘paradise in the city’ that we’ll definitely be visiting again.