Jodhpur is all about an indelible experience of retro food,quirky presentation and prompt service.No wonder,in a short span of time there is a real buzz about this place.Among the presence of many available options, Jodhpur charmed every diner with its modern take on traditional indian food without falling short of authentic taste. Jodhpur is situated at a 2 minute walk from Al Murooj Rotana Hotel. You can walk or take a buggy ride to the restaurant.


The moment you set foot inside the Jodhpur, you sense the regal interiors boasting cyan and white color combo with golden grove.Hanging chandeliers, dim lights give you a romantic feel.Huge carved pillars break up the space, making it feel more intimate than you would expect.

The man behind Jodhpur’s success an award winning chef Pradeep Khullar,I can write a long separate post about him. He is a magician,down to earth and knows his work like no other.His passion is evident when he imparts information about the dishes, in short he is an Alchemist Of Food.


Our delightful food journey started with Passion Fruit coctail. Great drink to have in summer.


In pre-starters Jeera Khari with Herb Yoghurt were served to us. This pre-starter transports you to your childhood memories when you used to relish these biscuits at tea-time,creamy delish yogurt dip that accompanied was topped  with pink peppercorns.


In amuse-bouche we got talk of the town Macaron Chat, you really get excited when you see it,at first I was skeptical how come, a chat can be served in this way . Sweet and sour, a quirky combination, pops cracker of flavors the moment you put it in your mouth, which leaves you to crave more.The exceptional presentation of a street food chat,leaves you totally impressed with the culinary skills of chef Pradeep.

In starters we had

  • Laban & Ricotta Kabab, Rose Ash
  • Achari Jhinga, Pan Grilled, Beet Carpaccio
  • Raan, Ghost Pepper Brushed, Sesame Lavash

Another unconventional dish Laban & Ricotta Kabab, mouthwatering mixture of hung curd and ricotta served cold from inside with the coating of rose ash. I was not expecting a cold kabab could be tasted so delightful.


Achari Jhinga modern presentation with desi taste.Pan grilled tiger prawns marinated in lemon pickle marinade & served with beetroot carpaccio.


Raan 8 hours braised goat leg & finished in tandoor marinated with Chipotle Cream.I don’t prefer meat but it  was like melt in the mouth,so tender that I could eat it all day long.It was decorated with golden foil,the use of golden/silver foil is usually associated with desserts but Jodhpur is all about unconventional game.


After a delectable session of starters,palate cleanser Mango, Cranberry & Kaffir Lime Sorbet hit our table.The purpose of palate cleanser is to clean our palate, make it ready for main course. The sorbet was served in toy pressure cooker made with Fresh Alphonso puree spiked with kaffir lime leaves & de-hydrated cranberries.


In main course we tasted

  • Murgh Maska, Roasted Chicken, Butter Gravy, Paprika Quail Egg
  • Dhaniya Mirch Machhli, Pan Fried, Mustard Sauce
  • Faux Dal Makhni

Murgh Maska, who doesn’t like classic butter chicken? and we are no exceptions :).Boneless chicken pieces simmered in ethnic spiced tomatoes curry laced with butter & cream was luscious and tasty.


Dhaniya Mirch Machhli Fish fillet marinated with coriander, galangal & spices, pan grilled served on top of couscous tahiri & mustard sauce on the side.


Dal Makhni this comforting food was available with a twist. Instead of black urad moong daal is used here & processed exactly the same way dal makhni is made so that the taste is not compromised  & diner doesn’t feel bloated after eating.


We got to try stuffed kulcha Chur Chur Khulcha


Here comes the favorite part of a sweet tooth like me desserts. We got to try

  • Rasmalai, Milk Foam Rabdi, Pistachios
  • Kesar Malai Kulfi, Toasted Almond Slivers

Rasmalai served on bed of saffron flavored milk, topped with milk foam & pistachios. Loaded with crisp kataifi for crunch in the dessert.It was perfect in taste with right amount of sweetness.


Kesar Malai Kulfi full cream milk reduced & mixed with dry nuts, saffron & cardamom. freezed in customized molds with stick inserted & topped it with freeze dried Raspberries.Presenting it with liquid nitrogen added a drama to its appearance.


Chef Pradheep also let us taste his new upcoming dessert, peanut butter icecream coated with tempered chocolate and topped with stawberries. It was lip smacking and for sure gonna bagged lots of fans like macron chat.


Overall, we had an amazing experience. The food, the service and the hospitality was exceptional. You can expect food with unconventional presentation and made with high quality ingredients. Jodhpur entices the taste of retro cuisine with modern disposition and I would recommend you to go and try it out yourself to get the exact idea of my imperishable dining experience.

Address:Al Murooj Rotana, Downtown Dubai, Dubai
Phone number:04 3559846

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