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The moment you enter in this warm quirky restaurant chances are your heart and mind will tuned into Punjabi mode and your body would like to have bangra. Here everything around you, inclines to become Punjabi by nature.Color full ambiance,funky signature framed Punjabi lines,modern lantern style hangings,colorful themed cushions and vintage red bricks wall not only makes it different, from the rest of the restaurants in the vicinity but also let you dine with friends and family in laid back style.

I had the pleasure of being invited to this desi inclination with modern twist place,which is very near to the lamcy plaza,easily reachable with ease of parking.For this holy month of Ramadan they have exclusive Iftar offer with a new menu to choose from everyday,catering all non-vegetarian and vegetarian palates.They have something for every diet and you can avail free home delivery during the day in Ramadan.Chef Vineet Kumar from Punjabi By Nature has created a daily menu for dinner that includes a concoction of tasty curries and spicy tikkas that are light and filling for Iftar. Each menu has been specially created to ensure a variety of flavors and tastes at an affordable price suitable to all, available every day throughout the month.

What I had in Iftar Dinner?


Samosa,Tikka Paneer,Sharkand ki Chaat,Fruit Salad,Dates and Fresh Fruit Wedges. In drink refreshing watermelon juice was available for breaking fast. Bite size samosas were crispy and filled with vegetables.

Iftar Dinner:

  • Seekh Kebab Khandhari
  • Chutney Wale Maachi De Tikke
  • Bhatti Da Murg
  • Kadai Chicken
  • Lamb Roagn Josh
  • Malai Kofta
  • Aloo Mutter
  • Steamed Rice
  • Maan Sabat
  • Chicken Biryani

Seekh kebab khandhari fine minced lamb seasoned with aromatic Indian herbs & spices were soft and juicy with right kick of taste.Chutney Wale Maachi De Tikke cubes of hammour marinated in green chutney were grilled to perfection.Bhatti Da Murg is a gem from the streets of punjab,a rustic melt-in-your-mouth chicken kebab that is traditionally cooked in earthen kilns. Kadai Chicken was a tad spicy for my palate.Lamb Roagn Josh,spicy slow-cooked lamb curry is an Indian classic dish originally from Persia. This fiery lamb curry was succulent and goes well with butter naan. Deep fried potato and paneer balls coated with malai infused perfectly in onion-tomato gravy known as Malai Kofta was one of the veg options in the buffet. Steamed Rice with Maan Sabat, at first I skipped them intentionally and moved next to try Chicken Biryani but believe me if you are dinning here than don’t forget to try Maan Sabat. It was creamy and so soothing I ended up having two servings of it.

In desserts they had Gajar ka Halwa and Phirni. I am not a halwa fan so my choice was obvious. Phirni was creamy,light and the sweetness was not overpowering which I really liked.

They claim to be an authentic Punjabi restaurant, and over here Iftar menu not only complies with the traditions of punjab heritage, but also with those of visitors during this holy month.

Sharan Kakwani, Founder, Punjabi By Nature, said, “We wish the city a blessed Ramadan, and in tow with the sentiments of the region we have created a special iftar menu for every day of the week available throughout Ramadan. Our tasty recipes, available in veg and non-veg options to cater to every palate, weave a perfect tale of spices travelling from Amritsar to Lahore in the days before the partition of India. We have created a light menu per day that is in keeping with the teachings associated with this holy month that also provide great taste in the process.”

Nirvi Gosalia, Co-founder of Punjabi By Nature, said, “We are an authentic Punjabi restaurant, and our Iftar menu not only complies with the traditions of our heritage, but also with those of our visitors during this holy month. We provide an assortment of items from starters to main courses to choose from in our daily Iftar dinners, and create a home-like atmosphere for people from all walks of life to enjoy.

From scrumptious cottage cheese with spices created in-house, to curried chicken and rich Indian desserts. Punjabi By Nature narrates the story of Amritsar before the partition of India through the flavors of the city laced through Indian food.

Punjabi By Nature’s Iftar menu is available every day from Iftar timing onwards at AED 68 from Saturday to Thursday, and AED 73 on Fridays. Punjabi By Nature also provides home delivery throughout the month of Ramadan, on calling 04-3966044.

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