Kempinski Hotel Ajman invites guests to enjoy a special Iftar at the Sea-View Iftar Tent,where traditional favorites and international inspired cuisine will be served. Representing the ideal ambiance not just for UAE and GCC families but all cultures, to commemorate the Holy Month, Kempinski features a host of attractions providing an opportunity to create precious moments with family, friends and colleagues alike.


Transporting guests to an exclusive entrance accessible from the hotel’s main lobby connected with the majlis area . Priced at Dhs 140 per person, a plentiful array of Middle Eastern specialties with interactive cooking stations, traditional hot and cold mezze, assorted salads,slow roasted lamb ouzi with oriental rice,arabic sweets and desserts can be enjoyed. Families and friends can relax and reflect while sipping Arabic coffee or tea with spectacular view of 500m private beach(highlight of the evening) from one of the biggest Ramadan tents in the northern Emirates.

Receiving an invitation was delightfully accepted by me,It was my first time in Ajman. The tent not only exhibit array of variety in food but the splendid view of sunset was enhancing the glory of the tent in full swing.Dates,dry figs,dry dates and apricot were placed on each table with a cute small black box printed with kempinski hotel in golden hue as a giveaway.

All the station were showcasing the admiration of Ramadan spirit and ready to feast the guests.

  • Salad Station
  • Soup Station
  • Main Course
  • Traditional Arabic Items Station
  • Pasta Station
  • Dessert Station
  • Juice Station

Salad station had all the healthy oriental and international options with cold & hot mezzeh,craftly spread to accompany the main dishes.In soup there was Lentil and Harira to comfort your soul right after iftar.I consciously avoided soup in order to have space for elaborated course of meal.

Salads,Hot and Cold Mezzeh
Soup Station

Main had Sauteed Vegetables,Grilled Chicken with Garlic sauce,Aloo Gobi with Capsicum,Fish with Hara Sauce,Vermicelli Rice,Beef Stroganoff, Kofta koshkash,Hot Dolma with Lamb. It was well balance course for veg and non-veg.


Traditional station featured Lamb Ouzi,Manakesh and Shawarma. I really liked all the three items that were making the palates of everyone happy. The best part was that in Ouzi lamb was perfectly cooked without any raw smell. Manakesh was available with different fillings only cheese, cheese and mince or just the mince filled in flat bread. Shawarma was another highlight of this station.


Now lets talk about the Italian served station where you could have ordered pasta (Fusilli,Orecchiette,Ricotta Rivioli) with different sauces like Tomato,Bolognese and Cream.As a big fan of white sauce pasta I opted for Fusilli with cream sauce but unfortunately the creaminess which is a vital part of this dish was lacked in it.


I tried only one drink  from the juice station which was offering 4 flavors

  • Kamar al Deen
  • Karkade
  • Jallab
  • Tamar Hindi

Kamar al Deen,it is a juice prepared from dried apricot paste,Karkade aka Hibiscus tea is a herbal tea made as an infusion from crimson or deep magenta-coloured calyces of the roselle flower,Jallab is a type of fruit syrup popular in the Middle East made from carob, dates, grape molasses and rose water and Tamar Hindi is a concoction of tamarind,sugar,salt and chopped ginger.


How could a grand affair of Iftar be celebrated without desserts?Kempinski had it all,the wide spread of dessert was glorying and alluring everyone in a loud way.After devouring all the savory items I rushed to the dessert table and found myself baffled,what to eat or what not. Selection of Arabic and international sweet creations Katayeh Jous,Banana Hazelnut Cake,Green Tea Chocolate Mousse,White Mousse Strawberry,Fruit Triffle, Halwa Cheese,Katayeb ista,Warbat,kunafa,luqaimat and Strawberry pudding were some of the desserts I remember from the wide spread.All the sweet items were a hit and made my Iftar night indelible.

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I would happily recommend this place because not just the food but the ambiance and sea facing view from the tent do the entire justice with your visit.

Address:Ground Floor, Kempinski Hotel Ajman,Ajman Corniche, Ajman
Phone number:06 7145555

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