If you looking for a good Pan-Asian option,look no further Red Dragon got you covered.Its is located in Howard Johnson Hotel at mezzanine floor. I was invited by a famous blogger jivewithdeepti for experiencing far east cuisine. The restaurant itself makes you feel the warmth of Asian culture with the renowned color theme of red and black and bold artifact of red dragons.

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Started off with the drinks of the night, Italian Kiss and Summer Queen . I tried summer queen,it was like a lemonade in taste with chia seed. Before that  I had never tried chia seeds in any sour drinks but to my surprise it went well with the appetizer served to us on our tables.

In appetizer Mock Chicken in Chilly Black Bean Sauce,The Fish Mongolian,Mock Duck Salt and Pepper,The Teriyaki Chicken were there to tantalized our taste buds.I only tried the non-veg starters.Mock  duck and teriyaki chicken impressed me with the right punch of taste and tenderness of duck blew me away.

Mock Chicken

In main course there was Veg Pad Thai Noodle,Hunan Chicken,Veg Thai Green Curry and Buddha’s Delight.

Veg pad Thai noodles,sweet and sour taste all blend and balanced in this traditional Thai dish with tamarind pulp,fish sauce and sugar.Garnishes with green onions and nuts.


Hunana chicken another non veg Chinese-American dish,it pleased my palate with its soft chicken pieces tossed in thick and savory sauce.


Veg Thai Green Curry,this healthy vegetarian Thai green curry features fresh asparagus, tomatoes and mushrooms in the coconut based gravy.


Buddha’s Delight another extremely subtle and delicate vegetarian dish, had assorted stir fried vegetable(string beans, carrots, tofu, bell peppers, and broccoli.) playfully infused in the gravy, giving it a right texture.


After enjoying many flavorful dishes,its time for desserts,they were serving icecream with honey fried noodles and adzuki beans. I preferred to have my scoop of icecream with sweetened fried noodles. The crisp of the noodles was giving it a right crunch and other than joy there was nothing.

Icecream with honey fired noodles

In the end I would say, Red Dragon is one of the option available in town and if you don’t want to end up with the same option every time for Pan-Asian cuisine than give it a try.


  1. Cuisine: Pan-Asian
  2. Ambiance: Modern
  3. Quality: Good
  4. Serving: Adequate
  5. Rating: 3/5

Address:Mezzanine Floor, Howard Johnson Hotel, Khalid Bin Al Waleed, Dubai

Phone number:04 3938538

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