Dubai got to endowed with authentic NY style bagels last year with the launch of Gulf Bagel Factory.Gulf Bagel claims to make preservatives free and authentic kettle-boiled bagels.They have assorted varieties like white sesame seed,chocolate chips,black sesame seed,cinnamon&raisin and blueberry etc. GBF is not just a bagel purveyor, to cater wide market of UAE they make other baking items like croissants,buns and breads too.


I was invited with my fellow bloggers to the factory visit of gulf bagel to experience all the BTS process live.General Manager Chris Gauci enlighten us with the history,production of bagels and educated us about the authentic croissant and varieties of breads.




The making of bagels from scratch includes

  • kneading and flavoring the dough than allowing them to proof in order to gain the perfect flavor and texture profile
  • After getting proofed, bagels are being kettle boiled in a traditional way to yield the same result like classic NY style bagels.
  • The next part is par baked in which bagels are baked upto 90% in a revolving stone base oven.
  • From here by using the advance shock-frozen technique they are stored for further use with shelf life of 1 year,amazing isn’t it??? You can bake them for few minutes before consuming and they are perfectly fresh out-of-your oven without compromising on taste and texture.

Being preservative free makes them a healthy option for breakfast but keep in mind they are not gluten free.They are available at Spinneys and Waitrose in a pack of 6 bagels. You can also buy in bulk directly from the factory. Right now they don’t have any outlet or cafe but catering schools,airlines,hotels,supermarket and cafes. I hope they soon come out with their own outlet, where we all could drop by to refine our palates with authentic bagels,fluffy buns and assorted breads.