Finally I am #farzified 😉
After all the rave reviews and anticipation made by my fellow foodies I was excited to get #farzified. Farzi means illusion and that is exactly what they are doing,you get hypnotized with their mind-boggling illusion of food presentation. Over here every dish with quirky style has a story, leaves you stunned without undermining the taste. Farzi is already an established name in india and now opened its door to the most popular business hub of the world ” Dubai”.By saying I was thrilled  when I got the invitation would be understated.

Farzi cafe is tucked away at the extension of city walk, modern interior,high roof ceilings with hanging round shaped lamps and plant pots instantly apprise you,you are in a top notch indian restaurant,they have bijou outdoor setup too.


Our session started with Amuse Bouche,yougurt shots with berry taste,it was suppose to swallow in one go,uniquely presented in a bowl emitting fumes of dry ice,giving it a very dreamy affect.


After that Pinnacolada was being served to us,this refreshing drink had blue colored caviar giving it a notch up idea to a usual pinacolada. Served in a furnace shaped glass which really energized us instantly.


Next beautifully presented dish came to us was Daal Chawal,yes!! you heard it right our very own everyday dish at such place but since its farzi where everything is a alluring illusion. Dal Chawal Arancini was in a shape of fried balls stuffed with daal and rice and served with tomato salsa ,topped with popadum rolls, pickle mayonnaise & mint sauce. Totally loved it and wanted to eat more.


Another foamy dish that we got to try was Tandoori Wild Mushrooms. It was prepared in an indian style with a twist of garlic pepper cream,tomatoes,crushed garlic,walnuts and desi herbs.Although I am not a big fan of mushrooms but mushroom lovers will be definitely delighted with it.


Here comes my favorite dish Deconstructed Shepherd’s Pie. This pie is all about layering of ingredients but in farzi nothing is served to you in an usual way, their take on international dishes is out of box. Well spiced and juicy wagyu beef chunks instead of lamb,tawa aloo,mashed potatoes and betroot slices (never used in this dish) made it equally good as original shepherd’s pie. Definitely worth trying.


These sliders came on china military vehicle,the buns were super soft and the filling was complimenting it perfectly.


Tempura dynamite prawn,another gastronomical attempt with prawns topped with chili lemon foam and caviar. If you are familiar and like dynamite prawns by P.F changs than for sure you will relish it as much as I did.


Another creation was this Chicken Qeema with quail eggs, presented in half torn horizontal bottle attached one side with a stand. Indian style spicy chicken qeema with fusion of quail eggs garnished with green herbs was totally new for me because of the eggs(can’t eat other than chicken’s egg). It failed to impress me except the presentation.


Now the main course, Chicken tikka masala was served in a mini typical red British phone booth,chicken tikka masala is very famous in UK thats why they serve it in this style. Chicken was well cooked in creamy spicy gravy, I really liked the texture but for my palate it was a bit sweet in taste.

Next came khao suey,yellow curry made up of pumpkin and coconut gravy with vegetables topped with basil oil served with steamed rice and nut cracker ,vermicelli, lemon & wild puff rice as condiments. It was totally a vegetarian version of Burmese dish,even being non-veg I really enjoyed it.
Farzi is like a heaven for veg and non-veg, lots of places non-veg people don’t get many options but its not the case here.


Shawarma Biryani another unique presentation,slow cooked pieces of lamb thread in a skewer with dum Biryani , raita & a piece of papar. Meat was flavorful and succulent in taste with not so spicy biryani


Another drink of the evening was this ice-tea,refreshing with a taste of cola.


Now comes the most exciting part desserts. being sweet tooth it always thrills me, Our first dessert was Rasmalai tres leches,desi ras malai with a twist of carrot and saffron topped with caramelized net and rose petals,aesthetic visual for anyone. It was just like a piece of art on the plate.


The other one was Risotto Phirni,italian short grain rice arborio slowly cooked in saffron milk and with the magic of gastronomy transforms it into a block of nitrogen puff rice. The server deconstruct it live and adds a chilled concoction of milk and sugar  with broken nuts and rose petals.Among the both desserts I would give it more points than rasmalai.


I had an enchanting experience at farzi,the staff was vigilant and well trained,they know their job with full information about what they are serving.Special thanks to  Mr. Shivankit and Mr. Manish for making sure everything goes extremely well.I would definitely recommend this place,however, I would suggest farzi to look into the serving size of some dishes as I found it not satisfying.You all need to go once to experience this gastronomical culinary magical journey.


  1. Cuisine:Indian
  2. Ambiance: Modern
  3. Quality: Superb
  4. Serving: Not satisfying
  5. Rating: 4/5

Address: City Walk, Al Safa & Al Wasl Road Intersection, Al Safa, Dubai

Phone Numbers:0526892012-04 3942556

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