Being a food blogger it was one of the restaurants on my bucket list. Tresind has bagged many awards and praises in just one and an half year of its opening.One of the places in Dubai where molecular gastronomy meets Indian cuisine.Not only your taste buds gets flabbergast but the whole process of serving is like a demonstration of chemistry experiments with fumes and dilutions but with aroma girdles you.

I was invited by zomato for tasting exclusive Ramadan preview at tresind. It was my very first visit to this famous and hyped restaurant.The whole episode started with the urn placed on the table,radiate molecular fruity gas to sooth our senses and lighten up the atmosphere.


After that magical soothing experience a long wooden fence was placed on our long table full of bloggers. That fence was loaded with diverse stuff like Date candies,Flavored milk, Steamed edamame, Wild zaatar, Fruit Jar, Meat Fruit were small tangerines that were filled with chicken mixture but it failed to impress me.


Dates were filled with nuts and chopped pieces of candies that pops inside your mouth, out of the box presentation,this pop-up effect really reminded me my childhood days.IMG_3616

These cute little bottles were filled with invigorating saffron and almond milk ,embracing the true spirit of Ramadan.


This colorful inviting salad,looks like a garden on a plate was truly captivating not only visually but packed with bracing taste.It was roasted eggplants, nuts, parsley stems,  pomegranate seeds with a tingy creamy dressing.


Now comes the starters, we had Corn on the Cob, Mongolian Beef, Creamed Mushrooms, Tempura Chilli, Chicken Keema and Burnt Butter Couscous.

Corn on the cob was juicy and perfectly steamed with right amount of spices,I instantly fell in love with it.


Tempura Chili,played with different chilies,stuffed with mixture and coated with crumbs, one of the patent side dish in Pakistani/indian cuisines. Crumbs coating was giving it a crunch that goes in harmony of the mild spices of the side.


Creamed Mushrooms,this earthy colored, aromatically blended spices with mushrooms and cream was one of the dishes I relished completely .


Burnt Butter Couscous came with colorful presentation, although I didn’t like it, as am not a big fan of couscous


Chicken Keema and Lamb Kofta are the other two side dishes totally tantalized everyone’s taste buds. Both are traditional dishes but were presented and crafted with fusion to make it a perfect entry to the Ramadan menu.


In mains we had Malabar Prawn Curry,Venison,Lamb Nihari,Beef Short Ribs,Roast Lamb Chops,Tandoori Prawns and  variety of  Biryani.

Lamb Nihari was a bit spicy but meat was done well and any nihari lover would enjoy it totally.Tandoori Prawns was one of the main dishes, that really loved by my taste buds.It came with boiled veggies and sauce dressing. Beef Shot Ribs were pleasantly presented and balls of boiled and mashed potatoes with gravy complimenting it perfectly.Different biryani were served like prawn,chicken,mutton and beef . Every variety had its own distinct taste,covered with flour veil for dum and removed before presenting. Among the biryani options the one I basked in was chicken biryani.

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Now comes the dessert time,as always this part excites me like anything. A place like Tresind which amaze you at every level of your dine in experience with fusion of dishes and they daze my senses with the desserts too. First they served Flavored Kulfi infused with Saffron. Balanced sweetness and heavenly in taste it was, simply waoOoo. Second dessert was a platter of assorted indian mithai(sweets),covered with golden foil instead of typical silver foil.

Overall, it was a mind intriguing and delectable fine dinning magic show. Thank you zomato and Tresind for inviting me and let my senses soak in, one of its kind molecular culinary experience in town.

Iftar and Suhoor menu at Tresind at AED 200, with a wide selection of biryanis, curries and traditional roasted tajines,this Ramadan’2016


  1. Cuisine: Indian
  2. Ambiance: Modern
  3. Quality: Superb
  4. Serving: Ample
  5. Rating: 4/5

ADDRESS: Trade Centre Area Level 2, Nassima Royal Hotel, Sheikh Zayad Road, Trade Centre Area, Dubai
PHONE NUMBER: 04 4489523 (Table reservation recommended)

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