My husband and I both are  ardent fan of Chinese. When I got invited by this posh authentic Chinese restaurant excitement was obvious.Royal china is located at DIFC ,its an international chain, other than Dubai they are operating in London,Singapore and China.

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I had good reviews about this place already and wanted to see does it live up to my expectation or not.The moment you entered, the vibrant combination of black and red (red are usually used by restaurant as it assumes, it builds up the appetite) gave you warm feel, after passing the reception we were asked to wait at the bar and meanwhile we enjoyed examining the place with fresh juices.

The whole interior gives you authentic Chinese vibes,from hanging Jellyfish-like chandeliers  to the vibrant red hue and simple exquisite arrangement of Dinning area(loved the chair cover) and not to forget the outside sitting area has a waOoo factor.This place offers both a roaring lunch and dinner trade.

Prawn Crackers with chili sauce were the first thing that was being served to us. Simple and amazing,then we got 4 menus Yes,you read it right 4 menus,which I never saw it before in any restaurant I have been to.

They have

  1.  Seasonal Menu
  2. DimSum menu
  3. Beverage Menu
  4. Ala Carte

In starters we tried

  • Vegetarian Spring Rolls
  • Prawns Dumplings
  • BBQ Chicken Cheung Fun

Crispy outer cover with favorable mixture of veggies inside, was a good kick to start our meal


Prawns Dumplings were not only fresh but served as a pipping hot on our table,it is always said try to eat Dim Sum in one go to relish the taste but doing so could have burnt our palate. I had nev tried such soft and perfect DIMSUM anywhere in Dubai


Another hit starter, Prawn Cheung Fun were juicy,soft and authentic in taste were served on the sauce which was complimenting it quintessential.


Lets jump into the main course

Wok Fried Chicken with Dry Chili, fried chicken cubes with green onion,fried garlic and red chili was not only visually appealing but had a unique taste for my taste buds and to my amazement was not spicy as it seems.IMG_3170

King Prawns in XO sauce,these Jumbo prawns impeccably marinated with XO sauce giving it a notch up taste.I really liked the texture of this dish,heavenly flaky from outside and super soft prawns from inside.


Wok Fried Wagyu beef with Oyster Mushrooms came on the bed of spring onion slices. A grade beef pieces with freshly made black bean sauce was moist,tender and fried to perfection. This succulent dish can instantly bagged number of fans specially meat lovers. Highly recommended


Crispy Seaweed,in my wildest dream I never thought of eating seaweed that too fired the name suggest yes it was very crispy and light as you eat,however, intially it feels enticing but left a bitter after taste,so you can say this unique dish failed to impress me


Peking Duck is one of most famous dish of Royal China.Its a baked duck with mild spices and cooked with perfection. Server brought whole duck and cut into pieces live and wrapped into pancakes with cucumber,spring onions and a layer of oyster sauce. Definitely worth trying



Crispy Fried & Braised Prawn Served in Bird’s Nest,another well prepared crispy prawns presented in a nest which tasted like a papad(fried crackers) to me.


By this time I was completely full as I savor every single dish ,everything was like hit one after the other and seriously it happens once in a blue moon that you are baffled to decide during your tasting session which one you should pick as your favorite.

Nevertheless, you always keep a space for sweet if you are a sweet tooth like ME (grin).My friendly server bou helped me to select dessert out of many options. I tried  Chilled Tapioca in coconut milk it was just like a sabudana(Indians and Pakistani must know) in my country it is likely to give if you are not well but would never be presented as dessert,since it was made in coconut milk that made me to try 3 to 4 spoons of it.IMG_3214

Leychee Pudding was a bit rubbery in texture although taste was good.


Pan Fried Red Bean Pastry I really like this one among  all the desserts I had there, dark red bean or adzuki is a typical bean paste use in Chinese cuisine, sweetness in it was not overpowering which I prefer in desserts.


Overall my experience was indelible,everything was just done to turn and would I go again? yes,definitely. Highly recommended place if you want to enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine with vivid interior.

Royal China operates from 11.30 am till 11.30 pm everyday.On Friday and Saturdays they offer brunch starting from 12.00 noon till 3.30 pm

They have 3 options for brunch:

  1. Unlimited Dim sum+Chinese tea=188 AED pp
  2. Unlimited Dim sum+House beer/Housewine=338 AED pp
  3. Unlimited Dim sum+Champagne and selected Alcoholic beverages=448 AED pp

Apart from it, A’la Carte menu is also available on these days.

  1. Cuisine: Chinese
  2. Ambiance: Chinese decor
  3. Quality: Superb
  4. Serving: Ample
  5. Rating: 4.5/5


ADDRESS DIFC Balcony, Level 2, Building 4,DIFC, Dubai

PHONE NUMBER-04 3545543

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