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I was invited for reviewing this NEWYORK origin fast food chain known as burger joint .I walked in with my partner at lunch time last Friday ,at that time we were the only customer, the first thing strikes you in the restaurant are the walls,tables and even hanging  lamps full of graffiti, it was clear this joint got a lot of customer mileage.I really got into the interiors of this place, very funky and lively.


The menu was just a piece of cardboard,its a typical American style.Menu is straight forward cheeseburger or burger with no cheese, fries,mojitos and milkshake, etc. Not too many other options.

At first we ordered Southwest chicken burger and Cheese burgers with fries. In drinks Passion Breeze and Magic mojito (leychee mixed with rose,a new combination for me).

Our order served in 15 mins meanwhile I read the messages on the wall and wrote one too. Fresh and hot food was served to us although size of the burgers seemed small to me,however, the first bite of burger totally made me to say its AMAZINGGGGG. Patty were juicy and fresh. I came to know by the staff that they import the angus patty from newyork. Burger was stuffed with lettuce,tomato,onions,pickles,ketchup,mustard and mayo.Each added item was giving it perfect taste and crunch.For Chicken burger they use local fresh Al-Ain chicken,you can have chicken cheese burger with beacon or ham its upto your choice,I opted with beacons and believe me it was equally good in taste. Since the portion was small I thought to try other burgers too. They have total 4 variety of burgers the other two are simple grilled cheese burger and chicken burger.I would totally recommend southwest and chicken cheese burger from the menu.

Chicken Cheese Burger
Southwest Burger

Now lets talk about fries,they served us on the vintage wooden platter topped with cheese,pieces of beacons and jalapenos,I couldn’t resist the sight  and devoured it instantly.


Mojitos were not only refreshing but a visual treat too.

Passion Lemonade
Lychee mixed with rose

In last to satisfy out sweet craving we tried their very famous lotus shake and brownie topped with icecream, they use haagen-dazs icecream. Quality ingredients never disappoint you,lotus shake was thick, creamy and outstanding in every sip.As far as brownies,the  combination of dense chewy dark chocolate brownie with a scoop of vanilla icecream made it irresistible.Highly recommended.


My overall experience can be summed up as good food with quirky interiors made me happy and a satisfied customer and will I recommend this place??? Yes!! definitely .


  1. Cuisine: Fast Food
  2. Ambiance: Modern
  3. Quality: Good
  4. Serving: Adequate
  5. Rating: 4/5