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From the last month I had been planing to try this place but was unable to make my plan accomplish. This Friday finally I was able to try this small yummy egg-y cafe. As its name suggest this cafe is all about eggs,every recipe revolves around it.

Cafe is location in Al-Karama. If you are trying to reach this place with the help of google than it would be impossible to reach,jus search IBRAHIMI RESTAURANT and egg-y is exactly opposite to it.13091805_10154086706473851_822315217_o


Its a small nicely decorated cafe having inside sitting space as well as outside,I decided to sit outside since weather was not bad,the only thing that really pissed me were the bees that were roaming around so its better to sit inside or else fly them continuously with your hands.Interior theme was rightly depicting the concept of the cafe and anyone could see the kitchen fun through the glass panel.


The cafe has a good variety in menu which amazed me to see from starters to sandwiches, omelettes,rolls, bhurjis and rice dishes.We ordered kashmiri bhurji,it was recommended by our server so a sure shot it was, with that I asked for royal omelette and triple schezwan noodles(you can ask the same with rice).



Royal omelette came with two fresh, lightly toasted with butter pav. For me it was hybrid between normal and cheese omelette. No doubt  good in taste however, nothing special.


Khasmiri bhurji, never heard this name before, in my dictionary its called scrambled egg hehehe. Not only the name even the taste of the dish was different for my palettes,liked it although it was spicy for me.So,you can try different burji if you are a habitual of mild spices.


Triple schezwan noodles, right vivid color and equally pleasing in taste.You won’t get dissapointed. Instead of lemonade I ordered chocolate milk shake which is unusual of me to, it came in a tall glass with chocolate dripping on the inner side of the glass.

Over all my experience was good,its a good option for vegetarian and I am def going to come back to try other dishes .


  1. Cuisine: Indian
  2. Ambiance: Modern
  3. Quality: Good
  4. Serving: Ample
  5. Rating: 3.5/5